This article is intended to help you understand how we are going to be moving servers around and changing our pricing and plans for the next step of WitherHosting. We'll go over the most ( we assume ) asked questions regarding all the migrations

VPS Hosting

VPS Plans - Where did they go?

We are no longer offering VPS plans to new customers as we plan to move VPSs off of WitherHosting and on to a new, separate company. We find it will be easier to manage better business solutions for you such as VPS, VPN, Cloud storage, etc. on a separate company, and keep WitherHosting as a hub for all game hosting related stuff.
Website hosting and domains would still remain as it creates the idea of a "package" setup for your minecraft hosting experience, get a website, get a domain, and get your server up and running.

What about existing VPSs?

Existing VPSs will continue billing normally with no additional charges. VPSs may be migrated onto the new company's equivalent or better hardware.

When can I order VPSs again?

We don't have a proper estimate as to when we can offer VPSs again, but we're working hard in the background to make them available to everyone again.

Pricing and Billing Updates

What's the CPUs used for budget and the CPUs used for premium?

Budget CPUs may consist of 6700k, 1650v4, 7700k, 1650v3, 1630v4, ryzen 2700, equivalent models, or higher.
Premium CPUs may consist of 5800X ,i9-10900K, i9-9900K, 5600X, 5950X, equivalent models, or higher.

What's the pricing for Budget and Premium servers?

The pricing for Budget servers will be $1 a gigabyte, wheras the Premium option will be $2 a gigabyte. If you're NOT on Singapore or Australia, your servers will be migrated to our budget plan on the same location, unless you decide to switch to premium
Please do note if you're on Singapore or Australia, you'll be migrated to Premium hardware right away, but you won't be charged for it until December 1st.

What about the current minecraft plans?

Current minecraft plans will now be labelled as budget, and hardware on nodes that are classified as premium hardware, will be available separately. Your servers would be moved off of the premium hardware, onto the budget hardware. In this process, your server IP may be changed, depending on the location. Don't worry, dedicated IPs 25565 and 19132 will still be there.

What about multiservers?

Multiservers will be part of the budget plans. We won't offer premium multiserver options. You can order mc basic services under premium if it's really required.

What locations are available in Budget vs. in Premium?

Budget - New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Central Europe, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany

Premium - New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Central Europe, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Australia

Why can't we offer budget for singapore and australia?!

These two locations are extremely tricky. We have been making losses at the moment for offering both Singapore and Australia. We wrote off these losses to simply provide the best experience, however the losses are now too much to continue supporting these two locations under the Budget plan. Simply speaking, it will remain as a premium option.

You mentioned you were moving Singapore and other location servers to a different provider. Tell me more?

Servers that are on Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany are currently with OVHCloud, a dedicated server provider. With our recent experiences at OVH, we are NOT confident to continue working with them. We are planning to move all of the hardware we have available in all these locations to a better provider.

Singapore and Australia will be moved onto premium hardware, and United Kingdom and Germany will be moved to Budget hardware, while ensuring that we also have a premium option for Germany and UK soon.

So what happens with SIN and AUS servers if we don't switch?

You'd start getting charged the premium variant for your services starting from December 1st, 2021. If you change your location out to a non-premium location, your plan's pricing will remain unaffected.
Please do note, you'll be migrated to Premium hardware right away, but you won't be charged for it until December 1st!
We recommend you to switch to Central Europe, or Los Angeles servers, as they are the closest budget alternative.
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