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Cum să folosești sistemul nostru de backup

In this article, we will learn how to make backups for our server.
To get started, make sure you're at and you are at the server you want to create the backup for!

Creating a backup

Head on over to the backups section.

Then, once you're at that page, you'll see the button to create a backup. Click on that button, and a window will pop up

In that window, you can provide a name for the backup, as well as any files you want to ignore. For example, if you want to ignore the coreprotect folder, located in plugin, you can write plugins/coreprotect

For each directory or file you do not want backed up, you need to go to the next line, and then write out the directory.

You can also choose to lock the backup, which means that it cannot be deleted unless it is unlocked by you. This is useful when you have server subusers with the ability to delete backups! Once you've chosen how you want your backup to be, simply click on "Create Backup"

Give it a few minutes, and your backup will be created at the backups section! To do things with this backup, click on the 3 dots at the right. You can then choose to -

Download - Download the backup with all it's contents. Note that every single file ( except for ignore directories/files ) will be downloaded
Restore - Restore the backup to the server, deleting all the current server files, and restore all the files into the server.
Lock - Lock the backup to make it inaccessible to downloading, restoration, or deletion. You can always unlock later
Delete - Delete the backup. Note that once deleted, it cannot be recovered||

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