A fun way to change up the Minecraft vanilla gameplay experience is to use some datapacks. In this guide, we will show you how to add a datapack to your server.
Please note that datapacks are a Java edition feature only.

Some recommended datapack download locations include Vanilla Tweaks and Gamemode 4.

Downloading: Download your datapack from a trusted site. Make sure it is compatible with your server version.

Important: If the datapack downloads as a ZIP file, do not extract it!
Uploading: Stop your server. On the control panel's file manager, find your world folder. It should have the same name as level-name in the server.properties file. In your world's folder, you should see a datapacks folder. Open that folder and upload your datapack there. If it's in the form of a folder, you will need to upload it via sFTP.

Applying: Start your server up again and you should be done! 👍
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