First, make sure you have installed Windows Server 2019. Refer to this article
Let us first connect to the server using VNC.

VNC login details will be presented, and you can use those details to connect to the server via VNC. We will use the HTML 5 VNC client for this article.
Once connected, Click on the menu present at the left to drag it out, choose "Show extra keys", and then have ctrl and alt clicked. Then press the "delete" button on your keyboard, so that a ctrl+alt+delete is sent to the server.

You will then put in the password to login to windows that you put during installation of the OS. Once you have logged in, go to the search bar, and search for "Remote Dekstop Settings"

Enable the remote desktop by toggling the button at the page. Make sure you click on confirm in the window that appears.

Windows Remote Desktop should be successfully enabled. You can then test connection to it by entering the correct details in the remote desktop connection fields.
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