WitherPanel V3 - What's new

Welcome to the new WitherPanel

Completely redesigned and reimagined from the ground up, WitherPanel V3 provides a user experience like never before. Feature packed with new designs, features, and bug fixes, we don't disappoint with this release.

✨ A new server dashboard ✨

Experience a server list with image backgrounds, better server cards, and a neat UI design. Quick links to our websites keep you up-to-date with the latest information, while panel-wide alerts notify you of downtime and a lot of other information!

🤖 Console 🤖

Console gets a fresh look never seen before with better graphs, pop-out console, and an uptime counter!

📂 File Manager 📂

File manager gets an upgrade with improved functionality. A new feature of recycle bin has been introduced, where deleted files go to the recylce bin, and gets deleted after 24 hours from the date of deletion

📜 Databases 📜

Databases are now improved with single sign on! You no longer need to enter credentials manually

🌍 Location 🌍

Location now has a separate tab! It works more efficiently than ever

📶 Network 📶

Network tab looks much better now, and also has imrpovements done to it on mobile to finally show the notes, and the IP address!

🌐 Subdomains 🌐

Subdomains now work better than ever, with quicker DNS updates, and more seamless experience!

☁️ Backups ☁️

Backups can be renamed now! Additionally, you can download backups even when a server is suspended. You may not create a new backup though.

➡️ Proxy ➡️

Brand new section in the panel where you can create reverse proxies! You can either use our subdomains to make a proxy, or use your own custom domain! Options to enable SSL is also available

🔥 Firewall 🔥

Firewall is now working better than ever. Only ban rules are now allowed, whitelist rules are not allowed as of further notice!

🔀 Server Version 🔀

The software tab is now server version! With a completely redesigned UI, the server version tab will have almost every version you can think of ready to install! Any updated versions should come live to the switcher in just a few minutes thanks to using APIs for getting server softwares!

⚓ Modpacks ⚓

Say hello to a brand new redesigned modpack manager, with a intuitive UI and easy installation!

👁️ Activity logs 👁️

Activity logs get a fresh update with roles on who's doing what in your server, with a lot more detail than ever before!

With tons more improvements on our backend, a lot of prevailing issues like multiserver resource losses, subdomain DNS issues, server software installation issues, server creation issues, and so on, are all fixed with the new panel! If you find any bugs or issues, please report it to us at https://github.com/WitherHosting/Bug-Tracker

This is WitherPanel V3

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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