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How to install and use AntiSwear plugin [Java]

In this Article, you are going to learn how to use and install AntiSwear !

This article cover the plugin AntiSwear on Bukkit, not to confuse you with Advanced AntiSwear on spigot


- It's easy to configure words
- You can ban any swearword and add as many words as you want
- You can enable or disable kicking system
- Censoring also work on signs
- Supports colored chat messages for the kick messages
- Bonus feature of optional explosion sound on swearing


The installation is simple for most plugins. go to this link to download the jar file
Once you install the file, upload the jar file to the Plugin Folder at your minecraft server and restart.


Now that you have installed the plugin, there should be a new folder created on the Plugin folder named AntiSwear. Open that, and go to the config file. Here are some important options you need to see:

KICK_ON_SWEAR: TRUE - If you set it to true, the plugin will kick the user upon swearing in chat
KICK_ON_SIGN_SWEAR: false - If you set it to False, the plugin will not kick the user upon swearing in sign
KICK_MESSAGE: '&4Swearing is not allowed on this server!' - Set any warning message you want for your own server, only used if you enable KICK_ON_SWEAR
REPLACE_MESSAGE: false - If you set it to false, the plugin will only block the swear word instead of replacing with the NEW_MESSAGE
BEEP_WORD: false - If set to false, the censored word will be replaced with NEW_MESSAGE, this only work if REPLACE_MESSAGE set to false
COMMAND_ON_SWEAR: warn <player> - This command will be executed on console when someone swear
NEW_MESSAGE: I am a poop face! - The message to replace the censored word

In this list, you can add any words of your choice. It doesn't need to be swear words, it can be anything you want to censor. Think of IP addresses, harmful links, and so on!
  - fuck
  - shit

You can add any word to be censored here, just add - any word here and the plugin will add it to the swear word list

Command and Usage

/AntiSwear - Main Command
/AntiSwear reload - Command to reload the plugin

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Updated on: 24/11/2022

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