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How to install and use DeadlyDisasters [Java]

DeadlyDisasters is a minecraft plugin that allows you to simulate life-like weather scenarios that minecraft doesn't support. DeadlyDisasters supports sinkholes, cave-ins, earthquakes, tornadoes, water geysers, lava geysers, acid storms, extreme wings, soul storms, blizzards, sandstorms, black plague, tsunamis, meteor showers, endstorms, supernovas, hurricanes, purges, and even more to come as the plugin author, JewishBanana, continues to improve this plugin everyday

DeadlyDisasters is ready with plugins in mind

It has support for the plugins listed below! ( The author explains it very well on their spigotmc page )

World Guard:
This plugin has a soft depend on world guard so you can protect your regions, world guard is not required and if you use world guard but do not want region protection you can disable this feature in the config. If world guard protection is enabled and you have world guard installed then disasters will not occur on or damage any regions regardless of flags. WARNING disasters might damage regions if they are not expanded vertically.

CoreProtect: This plugin has a soft depend on CoreProtect so you can roll back any damage caused by disasters under the user "deadly-disasters". CoreProtect is completely optional and the plugin will work just fine without it. Note that blocks damaged after a disaster will not be logged by the user "deadly-disasters" such as leaves decaying from missing trees. Entities that are killed by disasters will not be rolled back as the API does not support this.

Towny: This plugin has a soft depend on Towny and will not damage any claimed regions that are expanded vertically!

GriefPrevention: This plugin has a soft depend on GriefPrevention and will not damage any claimed regions.

Lands: This plugin has a soft depend on Lands and will not damage any claimed regions.

RealisticSeasons: This plugin has a soft depend on RealisticSeasons so you can control the temperature and which disasters spawn on which seasons. When the plugin detects RealisticSeasons a file will be created to control the settings (seasons.yml) in the same folder as the config.

Installing the plugin

Download the plugin from here
After you download the plugin, drop it into your plugins folder. Restart the server and it should be applied!

Configuring the plugin

The plugin allows a lot of customizability for each disaster type, letting you define intensity, duration, frequency, depth, and so much more. Here's an example for Supernova
Go to plugins --> DeadlyDisasters --> config.yml

  start_delay: 0
  size: 1.0
  # This changes how many particles spawn in supernovas (Higher number means less particles)
  particle_chance: 125
  min_height: 55
  max_level: 6
  frequency: 0.3
  volume: 1.0
  name: '&3Supernova'

You can configure how many seconds since the activation of the supernova to be triggered, the size of the supernova, how many particles you want to display, the height, it's maximum possible level ( levels explained soon ), frequency, volume, and name! This allows you to ensure you can configure your disasters to work with all types of minecraft clients ( some clients may not be able to handle a lot of effects/particles caused by a disaster )

You can also configure whether or not you want custom entities/mob drops, and recipes to be enabled/disabled for some of the disasters you have

  allow_custom_mobs: true
  allow_custom_drops: true
    plague_cure: true
    ancient_blade: true

Next, in the worlds.yml file, you can set the world-specific settings for disasters. You can choose to enable/disable certain disasters, whether you want to broadcast events, their frequency, and so on. Go to plugins --> DeadlyDisasters --> worlds.yml to configure these settings.

With all of this, you are guaranteed that you can modify the disasters in the way you need. It's recommended that you don't push it too hard, as you don't want clients to lag because of the effects that the disasters create

Using the plugin

Levels system

The plugin utilises a levels system in order to define the difficulty of surviving disasters. There are 4 levels at the moment, EASY, NORMAL, HARD & EXTREME. You can also specify a disaster level from anywhere between 1-6.

Please note, the higher the level, the more intense the disaster. A disaster of level 6 can also lag your server, so take caution with the disaster levels you run!

You can also disable level 6 disasters in the worlds.yml. Generally, a disaster of level 3 is more than enough to leave a dent/be big enough for players to face.

Triggering disasters

You can always ensure disasters automatically happen. /disasters mintimer <world> <seconds> changes the minimum time disasters have a chance of naturally occuring, each player has their own timer and changing this value will reset timers for all players including offline ones, everytime a players timer reaches 0 a disaster will occur if possible, the formula for the timer is random(time + (time/2)). Permission -

If you want to immediately trigger a disaster for a certain player, use the command /disasters start <disaster> [level] [player]
Want to see all the disasters? Here they are!


The terrain around the player begins to fall to the depths of the world into pools of lava (Overworld, Nether, End) (Most biomes)


The world cracks and forms pools of lava at bedrock throwing all players and mobs around with tremors for the bigger earthquakes (Overworld, Nether, End) (All biomes)


Wind rapidly spins pulling blocks and all entities around in this cyclone throwing them far and high in the sky (Overworld, Nether, End) (Most biomes)

Cave Ins

The roof caves in over you and crushes you, watch out when you go deep in a cave (Overworld, Nether) (All biomes)

Water Geysers

A boiling hot water spurt from deep within the earth launches you to the high skies, the water is hot and burns to the touch (Overworld) (All biomes)

Lava Geysers

A burst of lava launches you through the pits of the nether burning to the touch (Nether) (All biomes)

Acid Storms

Acidic rain falls from the sky burning all players and mobs and melts metals so make sure not to drop your tools (Overworld) (All biomes with rain)

Extreme Winds

Strong winds send players and mobs flying through the map, it&apos;s best to hide underground during these winds (Overworld) (All biomes)

Soul Storms

Storms made of lost souls in the nether, some souls are hostile and deadly (Nether) (All biomes)


Freezing cold storms that will literally freeze mobs and players in solid ice, mobs can be thawed out after the storm, you will need a fire to keep warm (Overworld) (All biomes with snow)

Sand Storms

Very strong gusts of wind that blow sand everywhere making the desert truly dead (Overworld) (Desert and mesa desert biomes)


A dangerous burst of water that will make ocean traveling much more dangerous (Overworld) (Ocean biomes)

Meteor Showers

The sky turns dark and meteors come falling from the sky causing massive destruction (Overworld) (All biomes)

End Storms

Violent storms caused by unstable rifts release dangerous creatures from the deepest pits of the void (End)


An exploding star reaches the surface causing colossal damage to the environment and obliterating absolutely everything (Overworld, End) (All biomes)


Dangerous winds spiral out of control creating a massive tropical storm (Overworld) (Jungles and oceans biomes)


Dangerous mobs gather to hunt a player and will not stop until they succeed (Overworld, Nether, End) (All biomes)

Lastly, Black Plague - Deadly disease that can spread from mobs with a very low survival rate (Overworld, Nether, End) (All biomes)

More commands

/disasters give <item> - Gives you the specified item.
/disasters summon <entity> - Summons the custom entity to your location
/disasters difficulty <world> <difficulty> - Changes the worlds disaster difficulty level (timer, offset, chances, etc.) Setting a world to CUSTOM difficulty will use the settings provided in the worlds.yml file!
/disasters language <language> - Changes the language of the plugin, keep in mind that not everything will be translated!
/disasters catalog - You can browse cusom disasters made by the community with this command, download, and install them. You can also create your own custom disaster. Follow this guide to learn more about making your own disasters.

Permissions to use the plugin is for OPs only. There are no specific permissions designated to each command/function in the plugin

That's the guide on using this very powerful weather-based plugin. You can add this to your SMP server to spice things up a little, or just to have fun with your friends! You can also join the plugin's discord server to learn more about the plugin.

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Updated on: 28/06/2022

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