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How to install and use Chunky [Java]

In this article, I will be showing you how to install chunky on your Minecraft server, as well as how to use chunky to pre-generate chunks on your server and reduce lag.

You probably already know what chunky is, but I'll explain here anyways. Chunky is a spigot plugin that pre-generates chunks for you. Chunky is very useful because it decreases the load on your server's CPU.
Whenever a player enters a completely new chunk, your server will have to load that chunk Immediately. This isn't a problem when only 1 or 2 players are playing, but it does become a problem when multiple players are simultaneously generating chunks in different parts of your world.

Chunky can help fix that problem by pre-generating chunks in advance for you so that your players do not experience any lag while playing. Keep reading to find out how to use chunky...

Installation Guide

You can skip this section if you already have chunky installed on your server

To get started, download Chunky from here.
Then, drag and drop the jar file into the /home/container/plugins folder, on witherpanel.
After uploading the plugin, restart your server and type "/chunky" in the server console to see if the plugin has been properly loaded

Getting Started

To start using Chunky, you have to do the following things:
Choose the world
Setup the center
Set the radius

Chunky is very easy to use, and the section below will teach you how to setup all of the things mentioned above!

Basic Selection

1. World

Usage: /chunky world <world>

Description: Choose the world where you want to start pregenerating.

Permission Required:

2. Center

Usage: chunky center [ <x> <z> ]
Description: Set the center block location.
chunky center 12 50 - sets the center location to 12, 50

Permission Required:

There is also an alternative way to do this. If you are playing on your server and have operator permissions, you can simply type chunky center to set your current position as the center block

3. Radius

Usage: chunky radius <radius> [radius]
Description: Set the radius (or radii).

The second radius is required only when you want to choose a rectangle shape.

chunky radius 100 - sets the radius to 100 blocks
chunky radius 69 420 - sets the radius to 69 blocks in the X direction, and 420 blocks in the Y direction.

The radius is set in blocks by default, you can also set the radius in chunks by inserting a 'c' at the end. Example - chunky radius 100c - Sets the radius to 100 chunks.

Permission Required: chunky.command.radius

Now that we have setup everything, it is finally time to start pregenerating!


1. Start

Usage: chunky start
Description: This command starts a new pregeneration task.

chunky start - Starts pre-generation for the currently selected world, shape, center, and radius.

There is an alternate way to do this, you can skip everything in the "Basic Selection" part and specify all the arguments directly in the command. Use this syntax: chunky start <world> [shape] <center> <radius>

Example: chunky start world circle 0 0 1000 - Starts pre-generation of a circular region in "world", centered at 0, 0 with radius 1000.

Unless you change this, the default selection is typically a square region in the overworld, centered at 0, 0 with radius 500 (1000 x 1000).
Permission Required: chunky.command.start

2. Pause

Usage: /chunky pause <world>
Description: This command pauses a pregeneration task and saves progress. You can resume a paused task by using the /chunky continue <world> command.

/chunky pause - Pauses pre-generation for all worlds.
/chunky pause world - Pauses pre-generation only for "world".

Permission Required: chunky.command.pause

3. Continue

Usage: chunky continue <world>
Description: You can use this command to continue a task that you paused earlier. If you do not specify a world, this command will continue pre-generation for all worlds.

chunky continue - Continues pregeneration for all worlds.
chunky continue world - Continues the pre-generation task only for "world".

4. Cancel

Usage: chunky cancel <world>
Description: This command cancels/deletes the pre-generation task for the specified world. The cancelled task cannot be continued. Please remember that chunks that have already been pre-generated will NOT be deleted.

If a world is not specified, this command will cancel pre-generation for ALL worlds.

chunky cancel - Cancel pre-generation progress for all worlds.
chunky cancel world - Cancel pre-generation progress only for "world".

And that's it! You are now ready to start pre-generating chunks on your server! But remember, this is only a basic guide, and there are some things that have not been mentioned here. You can read more about Chunky here

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Updated on: 17/01/2023

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