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How to install and use SkinsRestorer [Java]

In this article, you'll learn how to install and setup SkinsRestorer plugin.

How to Install SkinsRestorer

Go to SkinsRestorer Spigot page.
Click on Download Now.
Upload it to your plugins folder in WitherPanel.

Go to console tab on the sidebar and restart your server.
The plugin should be install and ready to use. If you see the a log like below that means SkinsRestorer is working

How to use SkinsRestorer

SkinRestorer restores skins for offline mode servers and command that gives players ability to change their skins.


Player Commands

/skin - The main command to run others (skinsrestorer.command)
/skin <skin-name> - Set/change your skin (skinsrestorer.command.set)
/skin url <URL> - Allows players to set a .png skin from url (skinsrestorer.command.set.url)
/skins - Open the skins menu GUI (skinsrestorer.command.gui)
/skin clear - Reset the players skin data (skinsrestorer.command.clear)
/skin update - Updates the current skin (skinsrestorer.command.update)

Admin Commands

/sr - The main admin command (skinsrestorer.admincommand)
/sr status - Check plugin status (skinsrestorer.admincommand.status)
/skin set <player> <skin> - Set/change other player's skin (skinsrestorer.admincommand.set.other)
/skin clear <player> <skin> - Clear other player's skin. (skinsrestorer.command.clear.other)
/skin update <player> - Update other player's skin (skinsrestorer.command.update.other)
/sr CreateCustom <name> <url> - Create custom skin from .png URL (skinsrestorer.admincommand.createcustom)
/sr drop <player | skin> <target> - Removes the skin or player's data from database (skinsrestorer.admincommand.drop)
/sr props <player> - Gives properties of a player's skin (skinsrestorer.admincommand.props)
/sr-reload - Reloads config and locale (skinsrestorer.admincommand.reload)


SkinWithoutPerm - Allow players to set their skin without permissions.
SkinChangeCooldown: 30 - Players cooldown when changing skins (set to 0 to disable)
SkinErrorCooldown: 5 - Players cooldown when changing skin which returns error (set to 0 to disable).
DisabledSkins.Names: - Disabled skin names.
CustomGUI.Names: If CustomGUI.ShowOnlyCustomGUI enabled it will only show this list of skin names.
SkinExpiresAfter: 15 - Time till skins are saved in database until requested again.

Click here if you want to know more about configuring SkinsRestorer

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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