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How to install and use Banitem plugin [Java]

Banitem plugin is a simple plugin but provide a powerful feauture to ban item which disable specific action for specific item in specific world which also supporting specific permission!


Download the Banitem plugin here
Now upload the downloaded plugin .jar file to the plugins folder of your server
After that restart your server and the plugin will be installed, There will be new folder inside your plugins now


Now what you have to do is to access the Banitem plugin folder and search for the config.yml. Inside you will need to configure the setting that suit your server well, here are some explanation some of the setting:
errors: true - If it true, the plugin will send you a detailed error message
reload: false - If it false, it will not give you detailed information about the plugin whenever you restart your plugin
colors-console: false - If it false, it will not send colored message on the console
no-permission: '&cYou do not have permission.' - Here you can change it's text whenever someone doesn't have the required permission
prefix: '&c&l[&e&lBanItem&c&l] ' - This are the prefix whenever the Banitem plugin send a message on chat
    material: BARRIER
    displayname: '&cBANNED'
      - '&cYou can not add this'
      - '&cenchantement.'
    - '/rename'
    hoppers-block: false
    region-check: false
	scanner: true
      - 'My Cool Gui'
      - 'Shop'

This are the action you will need to configure if someone want to enchant item that are banned, rename, transfering using a hopper, wearing an armor

  advancedenchantments: false
  itemsadder: false
  worldguard: false

This are the settings if you want to enable this plugin connected with other plugin such as WorldGuard, ItemsAdder and AdvancedEnchantments


I'm going to explain some of the important command you need to know when using this plugin
/banitem add <action> [-m materials] [-w worlds] [message] - Ban an item you currently held in your hand for the current world. For example: /bi add place,break &cYou can not place or break this., If you held a dirt block, this mean the user can't place and break a dirt block. This command also can be executed from console just by using /banitem add place -m dirt -w world
/banitem load <file> - If you didnt want to restart your server, you can use this plugin to load the changes you make on the config file
/banitem metaitem add <name> [action] [message] - Same with the first command, but the first command doesn't include metadata, instead you can use this command if you want to include metadata
/banitem reload - This command will reload every file the plugin have without restarting the server
/banitem remove [-m materials] [-w worlds] - Removing the banned item from the list

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Updated on: 31/05/2023

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