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How to install and use BetterVoting [PMMP]

In this article, you will learn how to setup and install the BetterVoting plugin for Pocketmine.
It is used to connect MinecraftPocket-Servers to your Minecraft server's voting rewards system.

Installing the Plugin

Head to the [plugin's]() page and download the file.
Then upload it to WitherPanel by dragging and dropping the file into the plugins folder. Alternatively, you can use sFTP to upload it.
Then, restart your server to add the new plugin!

Having trouble? Take a look at the plugin setup article!


Find your configuration file by going to the plugins folder.
Then select the BetterVoting file and open config.yml.


At the top of the file, you will find a line that says api-key: "".
This is what BetterVoting uses to connect to the vote website and claim players' vote rewards.
Change this to display your voting API key.
To find this, login to minecraftpocket-servers and go to manage your servers.
Then finally, paste it into the config file!



Next in the config, you will see a claim option.
This is where you can set messages to be sent.
There you will see the broadcast: "" option.
In here you can enter the message to be sent to the whole server when somebody votes.
Type out your message (you can use colour codes), using some of the variables below!

{real-name}The voter's full username
{display-name}The voter's display name
&Change message color
{x}Voter's X coordinate
{floor-x}Voter's X coordinate rounded
{y}Voter's Y coordinate
{floor-y}Voter's Y coordinate rounded
{z}Voter's Z coordinate
{floor-z}Voter's Z coordinate rounded

Direct Message

Then do the same thing with the message: "" option.
This will be the private message sent to the user who voted.
You can use variables and colour codes!


You can give voters special items for voting. There are some examples already such as a diamond sword and pickaxe. Change these using the following format to give the player different items!

Item format: "ItemName:Damage:ICount:CustomName:EnchantName:EnchantLevel"

Remember to use item names not item IDs and replace all spaces with _ for everything to work smoothly!

Executed Commands

You can also opt for commands to be executed by the console when a player votes...

In the commands: section, follow the examples and enter any commands you want to be ran.

Do not include / at the start of the command.

Top Votes

Finally, players can run the /vote top command to see who the top voters are.

title: "" is the message sent to the players before displaying the votes.
display: is the number of top players to show.
format: "" is the way the system shows information about top voters.


In game, players can run a couple of commands...

/vote info shows them some information about the server, such as the server's uptime, score, rank, votes, favourited and comments. This data is taken from the voting website.
/vote top shows any player who runs it a list of the players with the most votes... (This can be changed in the config).
/vote registers the players vote!

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Updated on: 21/11/2022

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