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How to install and use ChatMOTD [Nukkit]

In this article, we will install and configure ChatMOTD plugin for Nukkit. This plugin will allow you to send a chat message to your players when they join your server.

📢 Now, let's begin! Installing and configuring this plugin only requires a few easy steps! 📢

🔌 Installing the plugin 🔌

Go to this link and download the plugin.
To upload the file to WitherPanel, drag and drop it into the plugins folder. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
In order to apply the changes, restart your server.

⌨️ Basic Commands and Permissions ⌨️

With ChatMOTD, there are a few commands you need to know that will allow you to perform all its functions:

/motd - Show the MOTD to the player that runs the command
/setchatmotd &6message to set to - When the MOTD is changed it will broadcast the new message in chat and set it as the join MOTD.

🖱️ Basic Configuration 🖱️

The configuration of this plugin can be done enterily through the command listed above. To have a new line in your MOTD, use \\n in your command string. If you want to edit the motd via the file, go to /plugins/ChatMOTD/chatmotd.txt and edit it and save it.

That should be everything. Feel free to open a live chat with any questions.

Article made by MrRazamataz#6614 ( ID 611976655619227648 )

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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