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How to install and use ChestShop [Java]

ChestShop is a great way to create a controlled player economy shopping system which is hermitcraft-style. Users can place items in chests and sell these items for currency. With features like shop protection and anti-lag protection, you won't have to worry about your server's economy anymore.
Please note, ChestShop cannot run a diamond-based or an in-game item-based economy. It can only run a plugin-based economy from plugins such as vault which you can have $ currency used for.

Installing the plugin

Download the plugin from here and upload it to your plugins folder. Please make sure you have Vault installed if you intend to have a player economy
Restart the server, and it should be added

Using & Creating a shop

The plugins documentation couldn't explain this easier, so here it is
It's easy! Just right-click the sign to buy, left-click to sell. You can also configure what buttons people need to use in the config file
To create a player shop, follow these steps
​Place a chest on the ground. Place a sign 1 block away from the chest (for example, above it). On the sign, write:

Leave the first line empty. It will be automatically filled with your name by the plugin (if you have the permission ChestShop.admin then you can create shops with the names of other players)
Second line is the amount of items to buy or sell
Third line is a combination of buy and sell prices. You need to have a price indicator (like 'B' - price that will apply to items BOUGHT by PLAYERS - or 'S' - the SELL price) near the price - the prices are separated by a colon :
Some of the possible price combinations: "B 5:5 S", "B 5", "S free"
The forth line will hold the id/name of the item. Write ? on the sign and the item will be autofilled with the one from the chest or you can click on the sign with the item afterwards.
Optionally you can put the actual name of the item on the forth line. You can find out the name of the item that you're holding by running /iteminfo

So, an example shop you could run is

A person can buy 64 diamonds for 10 dollars and sell them back for 5 dollars from Phoenix616

Configuring the plugin

Open config.yml in the chestshop folder. There are plenty of technical config options available, and you can read more about them in the commented parts of the config, but, we will see some of the useful configurations you can edit.
Choose what containers you want to be considered for shops. This may be chests, shulker boxes, and so on.

You may configure other options by simply reading through the commented text above each config option, and you'll learn all the different configurable options.

Here's a YouTube guide to installing ChestShop

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