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How to install and use Clans [Java]

In this article, you'll learn how to setup and install the Clans plugin. This plugin is useful for having teams or clans within your Minecraft Server. Let's get to it, there are very few steps to installing this plugin!

Installing the plugin

Now, we will download and install the plugin. Head to this link and download the plugin. Then, upload it to WitherPanel by dragging and dropping the file into the plugins folder. To top it of, restart your server to apply the changes.

Configurating the plugin

Make sure to save all changes to the config file before exiting it!
There are many options in the config, but we will be going over the most significant ones.

ClanNameLength - Indicates how long a clan name should be. If you set it as 5, it will only allow clan names to have 5 characters
BlacklistedClanNames - Indicates what clans are not allowed to use as a name. This option should be used with the following format:

PermissionEnabled - Indicates if the plugin should require certain permissions for commands. You can also change the permissions, which will be listed as shown below. You should only change the permission after the 2 dots :.

ClanLimit - Indicates what the limit for clans should be. For example, if you set this value to 10, you will only have 10 clans.

You can further configurate the plugin in the config.yml file that comes in the Clans directory in the plugins folder.

Using the plugin

This plugin has a few commands that come with their own permission nodes. Here's a list of them and what they do:

/clan create [name] - Used to create a clan. Can be done by players who have the permission clans.create.
/clan invite [player] - Used to invite a player into a clan (can be done by clan owners / clan staff). Permission required: clans.invite.
/clan accept [player] - Used to accept an invitation into a clan ([player] should be replaced with the IGN of the inviter). Permission needed: clans.accept.
/clan kick [player] - Used by clan owners / higher ups to kick a member from a clan. Permission needed: clans.kick.
/clan stats [clan name] - Used to get a clans stats. Permission needed: clans.stats.
/clan stats - Used to get the top 10 clans. Permission needed: clans.topstats.
/clan base - Used to teleport to the clan base. Permission needed: clans.base
/clan setbase - Used to set the clans base. Permission needed: clans.setbase.
/clan leave - Used to leave the clan that the player is in. Permission needed: clans.leave.
/clan delete - Used to delete the clan that you own. Permission needed: clans.delete.
/clan list - Used to list all of the clans on the server. Permission needed: clans.list.
/clan reload - Used to reload the plugin and its configuration. Permission needed: clans.reload.

To grant a user all permissions regarding to the clans plugin, give them the clans.* permission node.

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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