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How to install and use ClearLagg [Java]

In this article, we will guide you how to install and configure ClearLagg plugin on your server.

ClearLagg plugin can help you reduce lag on your server by clearing dropped entities and ensures that your server runs smoothly.

Spigot And Paper ONLY

Getting Started

Go to Official ClearLagg Page and click on "Download Now" . (As long as your sever version is listed the plugin should work fine)

Once the plugin is downloaded. Drag and drop it to WitherPanel -> File Manager.

Go to Console tab and restart your server.

The plugin should be installed now. You can check by typing lagg or pl.

How to use ClearLagg

ClearLagg starts runnning on your server right away after rebooting server. There should be some noticeable difference without configuration. Its OK to leave the settings as default.


Go to your server panel -> File Manger on the side bar -> Plugins Folder -> ClearLag Folder -> config.yml File.
There you can customize the settings how ever you want it to be.

You can find all mob ids here

global-broadcasts: - Controls ALL of Clearlag's broadcasting. Disabling this will disable ALL broadcasting on Clearlag
enabled Should clearlag broadcast messages at all? (Example: Auto-removal, warnings, ect)
use-permission-for-broadcasts Should clearlag use permissions?
permission What is the permission? (By default, it's bukkit's default)

area-filter: - The entities which shouldn't get killed when running /lagg area.

live-time: - The amount of time entities should stay on ground.
enabled: [true | false] - If this feature should be enabled (true) or disabled (false).
interval: [seconds] - Period of time entites should stay.

tps-meter: - Meters the tps. If it goes low, auto run the mentioned commands.
interval: is how often tps-meter will check the TPS
tps-trigger: is at what TPS the commands will be ran at
tps-recover: is at what TPS should the TPS be considered stable after 'tps-trigger' is executed
commands: lists what commands will be executed when tps-tigger is reached
recover-commands: lists what commands will be executed when tps-recover is reached
trigger-broadcast-message: specifies which message should be broadcasted when tps-trigger runs
recover-broadcast-message: specifies which message should be broadcasted when TPS recovers
broadcast-enabled: defines whether or not tps-meter should broadcast

kill-mobs: - The mobs which WON'T be killed when running /lagg killmobs
remove-named: [true | false] If mobs with custom names will be cleared or not.
mob-filter: The mob list

auto-removal: - Auto remove entities every given interval.
enabled: If the feature should be enabled or disabled.
broadcast-message: The message to broadcast after success.
broadcast-removal: If it should send removal message.
autoremoval-interval: The interval it should auto remove entites.
world-filter: World to ignore when clearing entites.

item options - If given entites should be removed or not. (true = yes | false = no)

item-filter: Item(s) to ignore during removal.

remove-entities: Entities to remove during removal.

For further assistance check this guide

Extra Modules

SaveDeathDrops: Prevents clearing items dropped by players on death.


/lagg clear: Clears configured entities
/lagg check [world1, world2...]: Displays world information + more
/lagg reload: Reloads the configuration
/lagg killmobs: Kills configured mobs
/lagg area <radius>: Removes entities in given radius
/lagg tpchunk <x> <z> [world]: Teleports to given chunk
/lagg admin: Manage modules
/lagg gc: Force request Garbage collection [NOT RECOMMENDED]
/lagg tps: View estimated TPS [Not as accurate as Spigot's /tps]
/lagg halt: Temporary disable configured basic server functions
/lagg sampleMemory <time>: Sample memory usage per-tick, and garbage collection timings
/lagg sampleTicks <ticks> [raw]: Sample how long ticks took to complete
/lagg unloadchunks: Attempts to unload chunks - [Not recommended on later Spigot's]
/lagg profile <time> <type>: Profile certain activities such as redstone to see which chunk is the most active
/lagg memory: View your memory heap in realtime
/lagg performance: View your main-thread usage in real-time


ClearLagg is one of the most downloaded plugins for servers. Having it helps alot with lag reduction which is an important factor in owning a server.

If you haven't already, also try optimizing your serever

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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