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How to install and use CraftConomy3 [Java]

CraftConomy3 is an age-old economy plugin that hooks into Vault, in order to provide support for currency on your server! This would be a required plugin to setup an economy system. CraftConomy3, while it hasn't recieved updates for nearly half a decade, is stiil the top choice for an economy plugin. It allows full currency customization, banks, payday, easy economy conversion from other systems, and much more! Convinced? Let's install it!

Note: CraftConomy3 does NOT work with the Towny plugin installed. Please use an alternative such as Essentials, MyCommand Eco, BoseEconomy, etc.

Installing the plugin

Download the plugin from Bukkit here
Upload the plugin to your plugins folder
Restart the server, and you're done!

Configuring your economy

CraftConomy3 doesn't set itself up, rather, YOU set it up during the first time. Why? It allows you to customize how you want your economy to appear! Be it dollars, coins, bitcoin, whatever it may be, it's possible to configure. So, let's try to configure a basic dollar economy with craftconomy3. Run /ccsetup and you'll be greeted with information to begin configuring

First, choose a database with which you want to run your economy. It could be h2 ( a .db file within the plugin folder ), or MySQL ( with a database of ours ). We will be using h2, so we run the command /ccsetup database h2 ( ignore the red errors )

CraftConomy3 has a multi-currency system. We'll explain setting up the default one as of now. Since we are a dollar-based economy, dollar would be our name. Run /`ccsetup currency name Dollar` . For plural, /ccsetup currency name Dollars . Remember, this can be ANYTHING you want!

You can also set names for the minor/major currency. In the case of dollars, its dollars and cents. In the case of crypto, its coin and satoshi. Like that, you can configure a minor currency name in both singular and plural. Run /ccsetup currency minor cent for singular, /ccsetup currency minorplural cents

And lastly, put a currency symbol with /ccsetup currency sign $, for our dollar-based economy.

As the screenshot shows, we're almost there. Let's continue, now, run /ccsetup basic. In the next command, you can choose how much you want players to start with initially. I want to start players off with $500. So, i'd run /ccsetup basic 500. You can also specify how much you want users to pay for a bank account. So, i'd do /ccsetup basic 1000.

If in case you don't want users to open a bank account on your economy, simply set this value to an extremely high number, or deny the permission to use banks

Now we'll configure how we want the currency to be shown. CraftConomy3 has 4 formats, you can choose any one of them, and continue. In our case, we'll choose the Sign format. So, /ccsetup basic Sign

In the last step, you can choose if you want to convert your economy system from other economy plugins such as iConomy / BoseEconomy / Essentials, you can do so with /ccsetup convert yes. In our case, we don't need to, so we use the other option

We're all done setting up CraftConomy3! Phew, that was a lot of customization, giving you the power to make the economy that you want.

Commands and permissions - This is very detailed to explain, since there are multiple commands for both admin and user to use CraftConomy3. You can check all the commands + permissions here


Want to configure something beyond what we have? Here are some points to go through in-case you need it

Want to setup a currency per world? Read the multiworld section of the wiki
Want multiple currencies? Read the multiple currencies section of the wiki

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