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How to install and use CrazyCrates [Java]

In this article, you are going to learn how to use and installing CrazyCrates plugin, so let's get started!


To start using this plugin, you can install the file from this link

Once you install the file, upload the jar file to the Plugin Folder at your minecraft server and restart.


Once you restart the server, a new folder will be created on your Plugin Folder named CrazyCrates will show up, press it and find the config.yml and with this we will start our configuration

We will covering the important stuff you need to change in the config.yml file:

- InventoryName: - Change this value if you want to edit the crates menu name
- InventorySize: - Change this value if you want to change the size of the crates menu (Default: 45)
- Physical-Accepts-Virtual-Keys: - Change this value if you want to make your server physical crates accept virtual keys
- Preview: There is multiple of field that you can change
Preview Field
Item: The block you will use to indicate as button
Name: To give the block's name when the user's mouse hover at the block
Lore: To give the block description when the user's mouse hover at the block
- Filler: This field used to fill the empty space on the chest GUI, if you want to disable this use toggle: false or to activate this use toggle: true

Commands and Usage

Here are the list of Commands you need to know.

/key - You can check how many virtual key you have (Work if you enable virtual key on config.yml).

/cc - This will show the player of a crate menu and also the main command for CrazyCrates

/cc help - Command to show the help page

/cc admin - Open the admin page of CrazyCrates. Permission: crazycrates.admin

/cc reload - Reload the plugin's configuration and file. Permission: crazycrates.admin

/cc additem <crate> <prize> - Command to add an item as a prize on existing crates. Example: /cc additem Vote Dirt

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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