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How to install and use DropHeads [Java]

Hi! In this article we will learn how to install, configure and use DropHeads.

DropHeads is a very customizable plugin that will allow you to configure a drop probability for the head of a large part of the Minecraft entities!

Installing DropHeads

You can download DropHeads from the following link:
Free Version

After downloading the files, shutdown your server, put the file in the plugins folder, and start your server again!
If you have any questions about how to install plugins, read this article!

Configuring DropHeads

This plugin has several configuration files and, fortunately they all come with comments about each value, and we assure you that the plugin will work perfectly without having to modify the settings, however, here we will explain what each file is for

Here you will find all the main configuration of the plugin, like some messages, variables for deaths, and some minor configurations

Absolutely all the records related to the plugin will be saved here, such as the mobs that are "decapitating" your players, etc. Please note that if your server is very active or the plugin has been installed for a long time, WitherPanel may not allow you to view it and you may have to download or use sFTP to view it (as the file might be +100MB).

Here you can modify the drop probability of the heads of all Minecraft entities in a range from 0 to 100 (100 being the highest probability)
For these changes to be applied, you must restart your server

Here you can change the textures of the heads, we strongly recommend not to modify this file, unless you want custom textures and you know what you are doing

In this plugin there are factors that can increase the probability of dropping, and this file will allow you to modify the boost of those factors

Here you can translate the names and some messages of the plugin to your language

Commands and Permissions

Now we will mention the most important permissions, with the command to which they correspond

Killing this entity can cause their head to drop

This entity will be able to get heads

Permission to place down a head block, if disabled by default in the config

Permission to see info about a head by clicking it
dropheads.clickinfo.mobs: Permission to see info about a mob head by clicking it
dropheads.clickinfo.players: Permission to see info about a head by clicking it
dropheads.clickinfo.hdb: Permission to see info about a HeadDatabase by clicking it
dropheads.clickinfo.unknown: Permission to see info about an unknown head by clicking it

Permission to use /spawnhead
dropheads.spawn.mobs: Permission to spawn in mob heads
dropheads.spawn.players: Permission to spawn in other player's heads
dropheads.spawn.self: Permission to spawn in your own head
dropheads.spawn.code: Permission to spawn in heads with custom texture codes
dropheads.spawn.hdb: Permission to spawn in HeadDatabase heads
dropheads.spawn.give: Permission to spawn heads in other player's inventories

Permission to check head drop rates with a command

This entity will get heads 100% of the time, unless canlosehead is false

To manage the necessary permissions, you must use a plugin that has this function, we recommend LuckPerms for this, you can download it here

If you have any questions or problems using this plugin, feel free to contact us through our live chat, or ask in the #community-help channel on our Discord Server

Article written by MrObo#0001 ( ID 840187649800142878 ) with improvements from MrRazamataz.

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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