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How to install and use EasySetSpawn plugin [Java]

In this article, we'll explain how to install and use the easysetspawn plugin! This plugin let's you set a spawnpoint for your minecraft server and has more options to customize it cmpared to the vanilla /setworldspawn. Let's get to it!

Installing the plugin

Head to this link and download the plugin.
Then, drag and drop the file into the plugins folder to upload it to WitherPanel. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
Lastly, restart your server to apply the changes

Using the plugin, it's commands, and permissions

To set a spawn at a certain location, use the /setspawn command. Note that this would be different from the setworldspawn command. Permission - easysetspawn.setspawn
If you want to teleport to spawn, simply use /spawn. Permission - easysetspawn.spawn
If you want to teleport someone other than yourself to spawn, use /spawn <player>. The player chosen would be teleported. Permission - easysetspawn.teleportothers
If you've made any changes to your config and want to reload the plugin to use those, simply use /easyss reload to reload the config. Permission - easysetspawn.reload
If you want to add a delay to people being teleported when they use /spawn ( for example to stop combat logging ), you can set a delay in seconds by using /easyss setdelay <seconds>. Permission - easysetspawn.setdelay
If you're interested in granting permission to bypass the delay ( for example moderators etc. ) you can use the permmission easysetspawn.bypassdelay

Configuring the plugin

This plugin offers many options to using the spawn command to your hearts content. Let's go over some of the options we have. Go to plugins --> EasySetSpawn --> config.yml


You can specify whether you want players to teleport to spawn on entering the void/joining/leaving/death etc.


In this section, you can choose to disallow players from using /spawn when they are in pvp. It's ideal to stop players from combat logging. You can also set the message it would send when they try to use the command


You can configure the different things to do when players do the following -
set-gamemode-on-join - Set the gamemode of the player when they join, 0 = survival, 1 = creative, 2 = spectator
set-fly-on-join - Set the player into flying mode when they join. You also have the option to set max food and max health bars when they join


You can change the message types in this section, for all the different commands/errors that happen

That's it! It's a simple yet powerful plugin that can replace using other plugins for your spawn commands, and is ideal for lobby servers.

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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