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How to install and use EconomyAPI plugin [PMMP]

In this article, you will learn how to install and use EconomyAPI plugin on your PocketMine server

Note: that EconomyAPI is no longer supported by it's developer due to major performance issues. Please use other economy plugins such as BedrockEconomy or Capital instead.


First, you can click this link to install the .phar file
After that you can place it on your plugin folder, then restart the server to enable the plugin


EconomyAPI is one of the popular API economy plugin for PocketMine, this plugin needed when you are going to use EconomyS plugin for your server, without the EconomyAPI plugin installed on your server, the other EconomyS features cant be used


Now, time to set up your EconomyAPI plugin
Go to your plugin folder again and search for a folder named EconomyAPI, after you click on the folder, click on a file named and we will start setting the important part of the plugin:

show-using-economy - This enable the plugin to change the server name to [EconomyS] SERVER NAME
default-money - Starting money for everyone on the server when they first join the server, you can change to any number you want
debug - For server owner to see if there is anything wrong with the plugin, enable this when you start facing error on using the plugin


These are the basic command you need to know for using this plugin:
/mymoney - To show your current money
/topmoney <page> - To show the current leaderboard for your server
/setmoney <player> <money> - To set a player's balance. Require OP Permission
/takemoney <player> <money> - To take a player's money from it's balance. Require OP Permission
/seemoney <player> - To see someone else balance
/moneysave - To save your economy data to your hardware. Console Command
/moneyload - To load your stored economy data from your hardware

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Updated on: 16/06/2023

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