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How to install and use EssentialsTP plugin [PMMP]

In this article, the EssentialsTP plugin for PocketMine-MP is installed and configured. EssentialsTP is a teleportation plugin which is used for setting homes, being teleported in the wild, using warps and more!
Let's get going now! This plugin's installation and configuration only involve a few simple steps!

Installing the plugin

Go to this link and download the plugin.
Drag and drop the file into the plugins folder to upload it to WitherPanel. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
In order to apply the changes, restart your server.

Basic Commands & Permissions

/tpdenyDenys a telportation request from another playeressentialstp.command.tpdeny
/tpacceptAccepts a telportation request from another playeressentialstp.command.tpaccept
/tpaSends a telportation request to another playeressentialstp.command.tpa
/delwarpDeletes a specified warpessentialstp.command.delwarp
/setwarpCreates a warpessentialstp.command.setwarp
/warpTeleports you to a warp's locationessentialstp.command.warp
/setspawnSets your spawn to the specified locationessentialstp.command.setspawn
/spawnTeleports you to your spawnessentialstp.command.spawn
/wildTeleports you to random coordinatesessentialstp.command.wild
/backTeleports you to the location where you last wereessentialstp.command.back
/delhomeDeletes your homeessentialstp.command.delhome
/sethomeCreates a home in your current locationessentialstp.command.sethome
/homeTeleports you to your homeessentialstp.command.home
NonePermission used to get access to all commandsessentialstp.*

Simple Example

Let's say I want to create a warp named test. In that case I would go to the location where I want my warp to be and use /setwarp test. Now anyone with the permission can teleport to the warp by usining /warp test

Now lets say you don't want to lose your house. In that case you can use /sethome in the location where you house is.

You can even use /wild to get teleported in a random location

as shown in the image

However, you will not lose your home. You can just use /home to get teleported to it.

Lastly, lets say you are named Geroge02 for example and you want to teleport to your friend, named Jimmy54 for example, you can use /tpa Jimmy56. They would just have to use /tpaccept George02.

And that's pretty much it! Use our live chat feature to ask any questions you may have about this plugin, or post a question in the #community-help channel on our Discord Server

Article written by JohnnyX071#8985 ( ID 492973735993933824 )

Updated on: 30/07/2022

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