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How to install and use EssentialsX [Java]

In this article, we will install and configure EssentialsX, one of the most famous plugins in the world. This plugins provides core features for servers of any size. Some of its features are:
- Player-made homes.
- Server warps and kits, either server-wide or per-world.
- Player-to-player private messages, teleports and teleport requests.
- Custom player nicknames.
- Various moderation tools including kicks, temporary bans, mutes and jails.
- Built-in economy features including sign shops, command costs and full Vault support.

📢 Now, let's begin! Installing and configuring this plugin only requires a few easy steps! 📢

🔌 Installing the plugin 🔌

Go to this link and download the plugin.
To upload the file to WitherPanel, drag and drop it into the plugins folder. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
In order to apply the changes, restart your server.

⌨️ Commands

EssentialsX provides a lot of features and with them also come a lot of commands!

Here are some of the most common commands:
/weather <storm/sun> [duration]Sets the weather.
/gm <survival, creative, adventure, spectator>Change player gamemode.
/tpahere <player>Request that the specified player teleport to you.
/tpa <player>Request to teleport to the specified player.
/sethomeSet home to your current location.
/homeTeleport to your home.
/setspawnSet the spawnpoint to your current position.
/rulesViews the server rules.
/muteMutes or unmutes a player.
/tempbanTemporary ban a user.
/unbanUnbans the specified player.

These are only some of the commands that the plugin offers! Feel free to explore the plugin by yourself!

🖱️ Basic Configuration 🖱️

EssentialsX provides a lot of customization and with it also come a lot of things in the config!
The config files are located in the plugins/Essentials/ folder.

There are a lot of settings and options in the config.yml file of the EssentialsX plugin, which controls features from teleport cooldown to the money symbol in-game. You can access that file by navigating to the /plugins/Essentials/ directory. Due to the large size of the configuration file, we’ll only be focusing on the most important and commonly edited ones.

Command | Description |
ops-name-color: '4' | Control what color operators appear as in the server. |
nickname-prefix: '~' | The prefix before any nickname for a player to be displayed in-game. |
max-nick-length: 15 | Maximum number of characters allowed for any nickname. |
teleport-delay: 0 | The command cooldown for teleportation in seconds. |
auto-afk: 300 | Automatically make any player AFK after specific time in seconds. |
unsafe-enchantments: false | Toggling non-vanilla enchantment levels (ex: Sharpness 100). |
starting-balance: 0 | Sets the initial in-game balance for any user that joins. |
currency-symbol: '$' | The displayed currency icon when money is mentioned. |
max-money: 10000000000000 | The limit for how much money a player can possibly obtain. |
min-money: -10000 | The minimum amount of cash a user can have, which can be negative.|
locale: en | See "Translations" |


EssentialsX stores all its messages as templates in the messages file, and comes with support for many languages already built-in. These files can be easily replaced or extended to customize your server by placing them in the plugins/Essentials/ folder.

Switching language

You can tell EssentialsX which language you want it to use by changing the locale setting in config.yml:

Set the locale for all messages.

locale: de


You can find the config.yml file inside the plugins/Essentials/ folder. Everything should be already explained in the file in the comments so feel free to explore it by yourself!

📱 Addons 📱

EssentialsX offers a different number of add-ons you can use to expand the plugin even more!

Add-On | Features |
EssentialsX Chat | Chat formatting, local chat |
EssentialsX Spawn | Spawnpoint control, per-player spawns |
EssentialsX Discord | Lightweight chat, messaging and command integration with Discord. |
EssentialsX Discord Link | Account sync between Discord and Minecraft. |
EssentialsX AntiBuild | Simple permissions-based building control. |
EssentialsX Geo | Geographical player lookup. |
EssentialsX Protect | Configurable world protection and control. |

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Updated on: 20/07/2023

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