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How to install and use GAC [Nukkit]

In this article you will learn how to install and use the GAC anticheat plugin on your server; it can be used to protect your server from hackers.

This for Nukkit only!

Getting the plugin installed:

Download the plugin from the cloudburst website here.
Also download the dependency that is needed for the plugin to work from here.
Upload both of the plugins to your servers plugins folder using sftp or by dragging and dropping.
Restart your server to enable the plugins.


You can config the plugin in the config folder at /plugins/GAC/config.yml/. If players are false-flagging and lagging back due to the anticheat, you can disable some checks to see if the players movement is restored. For eg,
  speed: true #vertical and horizontal speed
  fly: true #fly and other invalid movement checks
  speedmine: true
  nuker: false #checks if player can see the block (this check takes a bit more CPU than other checks)
  glide: true
  teleport: true
  noclip: true
  spam: true
  reach: true
  aimbot: true
  bhop: true

If users are getting kicked excessively for bhop, and you are sure they aren't hacking, you can disable the bhop check in the config by setting it to false.

One of the settings we recommend you turn on, is enable_elytra, as without it, players cannot use elytra properly.


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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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