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How to install and use HolographicDisplays [Java]

In this article, you're going to be learning how to add Holographic Displays to your server.


To start, download the latest version of the plugin from this link. Then, drag-and-drop the jar file into the plugins folder, on WitherPanel. Lastly, reboot the server and it should now run.


To start configurating this plugin, go to the plugins folder, find the folder called HolographicDisplays and in it should be a config.yml file. Click on it, and let's start editing:

Make sure to save the changes made to the file before exiting it!
quick-edit-commands - Show a list of commands after editing a hologram for a quicker edit. (true or false)
bungee section:
servers: - List the servers that are on your bungeecord network and that should be pinged. Format: "<name>: <IP>:<port>" (as seen in the image below)

timeout: - Time (in miliseconds) before setting a server as offline.

You can further configure this plugin in the config.yml file!

Commands and usage

Here are the most important commands of the plugin.

/hd - Main command of the plugin. Shows the plugins version and developers. Permission needed: none, it's accessible by everyone.
/hd help - Shows the main commands of the plugin. Permission needed:
/hd create <hologramName> [text] - Creates a hologram with the name and the text set. Permission needed: holograms.create.
/hd delete <hologram> - Deletes the hologram with the name set. Permission needed: holograms.delete.
/hd teleport <hologram> - Teleports you to the hologram with the name set. Permission needed: holograms.teleport.
/hd movehere <hologram> - Moves the hologram with the name set to where you are standing. Permission needed: holograms.movehere.
/hd edit <hologram> - Lists all commands that help in editing the hologram with the name set. Permission needed: holograms.edit.

To allow a player or a group to use all of the commands that come with this plugin, give them the holograms.* permission!

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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