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How to install and use JobsReborn [Java]

Hi! In this article, we will learn how to install and use Jobs Reborn

This plugin will allow you to create jobs for all your players, which are fully customizable!

Installing Jobs Reborn

You can download TAB from the following link:
Free Version


After downloading the files, shutdown your server, put the file in the plugins folder, and start your server again!
If you have any questions about how to install plugins, read this article!

Configuring Jobs Reborn

Fortunately all the files on the server contain settings with explanations, and we assure you that the plugin will work correctly without having to make any changes. Likewise, we will mention the use of the most important files and folders that this plugin comes with


Inside this folder, you will find all the jobs available on your server. Fortunately, the folder includes a file named _EXAMPLE.yml which will include a layout that explains how to create a new job, as well as the required values, with explanations and examples.

Inside this folder, you will find all the translations available for the plugin :D
Among the languages, you will find French, Spanish, English, Russian, Italian, Korean, etc.

Inside this folder, you will find the translation into English, Spanish, French and Russian of the items supported by the plugin


In this file you will be able to modify things like enchantments, lore, etc. of the items given with the /jobs give command (This won't work when using the /give command).

In this file you will be able to configure the most basic things of the plugin, fortunately each value comes with a simple but clear explanation. You can also change settings such as how often the plugin autosaves its data, or the maximum number of jobs per player.

This file will allow you to restrict areas, which will result in no progress and no rewards in that excluded area, even if the player tries to perform the tasks that apply to it.

This file will allow you to create a kind of cooldown, measured in seconds, which will help prevent abuses such as automatic farms using an anti-afk resource, etc.

This file will allow you to create schedules in which the plugin will run a certain action, such as boost in rewards, etc.

Commands and Permissions

Most important permissions are: jobs.use and[worldname] they will be added automatically in most cases, if not, then you will need to add them for each player or in their permission group individually.
Anyway, we will mention other permissions that can also be useful

Grants ability to use this plugin

Grants access to all Jobs commands (only for admins!)

Grants permissions as an admin (only for admins!)

Ability to specify maximum quest for the players once a day

Specifying max quest for all jobs

Allows for specific players to have max amount of owner ship globally (all known types, furnace/brewing stand).

Grants access to join particular job (will be added in most case, but if not, then add them manually)

Grants access to auto join job on logging in.

Grants player access to all commands

jobs.command.browse – Grants access to the browse command – Grants access to the top command
jobs.command.stats – Grants access to the stats command
jobs.command.archive – Grants access to the archive command
jobs.command.admin.archive – Grants access to the archive command on other players
jobs.command.admin.stats – Grants access to the stats command on other players
jobs.command.join – Grants access to the join command
jobs.command.leave – Grants access to the leave command
jobs.command.leaveall – Grants access to the leaveall command – Grants access to the info command
jobs.command.playerinfo – Grants access to the playerinfo command
jobs.command.editjobs – Grants access to the editjobs command – Grants access to the fire command
jobs.command.fireall – Grants access to the fireall command
jobs.command.employ – Grants access to the employ command
jobs.command.promote – Grants access to the promote command
jobs.command.demote – Grants access to the demote command
jobs.command.grantxp – Grants access to the grantxp command
jobs.command.removexp – Grants access to the removexp command
jobs.command.transfer – Grants access to the transfer command
jobs.command.reload – Grants access to the reload command
jobs.command.give – Grants access to the give command
jobs.command.boost – Grants access to the boost command – Grants access to the help command
jobs.command.toggle – Grants access to the toggle command
jobs.command.signupdate – Grants access to the signupdate
jobs.command.limit – Grants access to the limit command

Grants permission to have more than default max jobs

To manage the necessary permissions, you must use a plugin that has this function, we recommend LuckPerms for this, you can download it here

If you have any questions or problems using this plugin, feel free to contact us through our live chat, or ask in the #community-help channel on our Discord Server

Updated on: 04/07/2022

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