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How to install and use LuckPerms [Java]

In this article, we will install and configure LuckPerms, the most famous permission plugins in the world.

📢 Now, let's begin! Installing and configuring this plugin only requires a few easy steps! 📢

🔌 Installing the plugin 🔌

Go to this link and download the plugin.

To upload the file to WitherPanel, drag and drop it into the plugins folder. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.

In order to apply the changes, restart your server.

That's it for the installation part! Now, let's look at the fun part - creating ranks!

🖥️ Web Editor 🖥️

Most of your work will be done trough the use of the Web Editor offered by LuckPerms. We'll still go through the
commands, but lets take a look at the web-editor first. Follow the given steps:

Open your server's console and type lp editor. You'll receive a link as a result.

Open the Link

It should look something like this: The Main Page

Create a rank

As you can see, in the web editor, there are 3 different sections: Groups, Tracks and Users.

"Users" is useful if you want to give a permission or prefix to a specific player.

In "Groups" you can create new Ranks, you'll see that there is a default group already in there. The default group stores every player's permissions, so if you want to give every player a permission add the permission node here. To add a permission node use the "Add Permission" button in the low parts of the screen, same thing for users.

We'll explain Tracks later.

To create a rank, click the plus in the Groups button.
You'll see a thing like this: [image] (
In Group name write the name of the rank you want to create.
In Display Name write how you want it to look like (Here you can use colors and capitals letters)
In Parent put the group you want to connect to the rank you're creating. If you create a vip rank and put default as parent, the vip group will also have the permission of the default group.
In Weight you have to write an integer (Numbers without decimals), the higher the number, the higher the priority.
In Prefix write what prefix do you want to give to the rank. It supports capitals and color codes. If you don't want any leave it empty.
In Suffix write what suffix do you want to give to the rank. It supports capitals and color codes. If you don't want any leave it empty.

Create a Track

First of all, what is a track?
Think of a Track as a "ladder" or "promotion route".

To create a track click the plus button in the tracks section.
You'll see something like this: [image] (
In "Track Name" write the name you want to give to this track.
To add groups in the track just click the name of the group.
To add an order just click the groups in the order you want to have.
Then click the "Add Track" button.
To actully use a track use the command: "/luckperms user (player) promote (name of the track)"

Chat Formatting

To use prefixes in chat you have to use a chat formatting plugin.

We suggest to use [LPC] (

Some other plugins compatible with LuckPerms:
VaultChatFormatter -
EssentialsX Chat
Stylizer - includes chat formatting and tablist.
DisplayFormatter - includes chat formatting and tablist, specifically for LuckPerms.
CarbonChat (beta)
DeluxeChat (paid)
ChatControl (paid)
CMI (paid)

Some may be outdated

⌨️ Commands ⌨️

As we said before most of the work wil be made trough the web editor but you can still do something with them.

lpBase LuckPerms command. Will print a list of the LuckPerms commands a user has permission to use, with brief information about what each command does, and what arguments it accepts.
lp syncPerforms a refresh of all currently loaded data. If any changes have been made to the data in the storage, this command will update the copy on the server to include those changes.
lp infoLists some information/data about LuckPerms, including debugging output, statistics, settings, and important values from the configuration.
lp editorOpens the editor.
lp networksyncRefreshes all cached data with the storage provider, and then uses the plugins Messaging Service (if configured) to "ping" all other connected servers and request that they sync too.
lp reloadconfigReloads some values from the configuration file. Not all entries are reloaded by this command, and some require a full server reboot to take effect.
lp translationsShows information about loaded translations, and allows installation of community provided translation bundles.

🖱️ Basic Configuration 🖱️

The Config File is very long so we won't go too much in depth as everything should already be explained directly in the file.

server: globalName of the server, leave it as global if you don't know what you're doing
use-server-uuid-cache: falseIf the servers own UUID cache/lookup facility should be used when there is no record for a player in the LuckPerms cache.
storage-method: h2Which storage method the plugin should use.
address: localhostThe host to be used for the database. Leave it as localhost if you don't know what you're doing
database: minecraftThe database which should be used by LuckPerms
username: rootThe username to be used for the database
password: ''The password to be used for the database. Leave empty to use no authentication.
enable-ops: trueIf the vanilla OP system should be used.
auto-op: falseIf set to true, any user with the permission "luckperms.autoop" will automatically be granted server operator status.

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