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How to install and use mcMMO plugin [Java]

In this article, you'll learn how to install and setup mcMMO plugin.

How to Install mcMMO

Go to mcMMO Spigot page.
Click on Download Now.
Upload it to your plugins folder in WitherPanel.
Go to console tab on the sidebar and restart your server.
The plugin should be install and ready to use. You can check by running pl in console.

How to use mcMMO


mcMMO has several skills for you to level up and gain abilities with. There are 13 parent skills. Each of them are described below, and you may click on the skill name to view more information.
*Acrobatics:** Acrobatics is the art of moving Gracefuly in mcMMO. It provides combat bonuses and environment damage bonuses.
*Alchemy:** Alchemy is about brewing potions. It provides a speed increase in the potion brew time, as well as the addition of new (previously) unobtainable potions.
*Archery:** Archery is the art of shooting arrows. It provides a damage increase to bows, as well as the ability to shoot explosive arrows.
*Axes:** With the Axes skill you can use your axe for much more then just deforesting! You can hack and chop away at mobs and players to gain XP, hitting mobs with the effect of knockback and inflicting DEADLY criticals on mobs and players. Your axe also becomes a hand-held woodchipper, breaking down the enemy's armor with ease as your level increases.
*Excavation:** Excavation is the act of digging up dirt to find treasures. By excavating the land you will find treasures. The more you do this the more treasures you can find.
*Fishing:** With the Fishing skill, Fishing is exciting again! Find hidden treasures, and shake items off mobs.
*Herbalism:** Herbalism is about collecting herbs and plants.
*Mining:** Mining consists of mining stone and ores. It provides bonuses to the amount of materials dropped while mining.
*Repair:** Repair allows you to use an iron block to repair armor and tools.
*Swords:** This skill awards combat bonuses to anyone fighting with a sword.
*Taming:** Taming will give players various combat bonuses when using tamed wolves.
*Unarmed:** Unarmed is the art of fighting without weapons.
*Woodcutting:** Woodcutting is the art of chopping down trees. It provides a damage increase to axes, as well as the ability to chop down trees faster.

Configuring The Plugin

Main Configuration File - config.yml - Main mcMMO configuration.

Additional Configuration
advanced.yml - Advanced configuration.
chat.yml - Settings for the chat channels in mcMMO.
child.yml - mcMMO child skill configuration.
coreskills.yml - This file includes a few settings for each skill in mcMMO.
experience.yml - Experience configuration.
fishing_treasures.yml - Settings for Fishing Treasures / Shake Treasures.
itemweights.yml - Item Weights configuration
persistent_data.yml - This config allows servers to change which data is persistent.
potions.yml - Settings for Concoctions.
repair.vanilla.yml - Repair configuration.
salvage.vanilla.yml - Salvage configuration.
skillranks.yml - This file defines the rank level requirements for a subskill.
sounds.yml - Sound configuration.
treasures.yml - Settings for Excavation's Archaeology

Basic Settings

General: - General settings for mcMMO.
Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts: Whether to send message if player levels up.
RetroMode: Retains the old feel of mcMMO.
TruncateSkills: Whether mcMMO shorten the extent of levels if you lower your max level cap for a skillname.
LevelUp_Sounds: Whether to play sound when player levels up.

Scoreboard: - General settings for mcMMO Scoreboards.
UseScoreboards: Whether to enable mcMMO Scoreboards.
Power_Level_Tags: Whether to display player's power levels below their names
Allow_Keep: Allow players to use "/mcscoreboard keep" to keep the scoreboard up
Types: Settings for each type of scoreboard.

Abilities: - General settings for mcMMO Abilities.
Enabled: Whether to enable mcMMO Abilities.
Cooldowns: Cooldown time for mcMMO Abilities.

Skills: - General settings for mcMMO Skills. Has a section for each skill.


mcmmo.defaults - Gives access to all mcMMO commands and features except admin tools.
mcmmo.all - Gives access to all mcMMO commands and features.
mcmmo.ability.all - Gives access to all mcMMO abilities. Replace "all" with the name of the ability to give access to that ability only. - Gives access to all mcMMO chat channels. Replace "all" with the name of the channel (adminchat, partychat) to give access to that channel only.
mcmmo.commands.all - Gives access to all mcMMO commands. Replace "all" with the name of the command to give access to that command only.


mcMMO is one of the best and popular server-side RPG plugins. It is a must-have plugin for any server that wants to add RPG elements to their server. It is a very powerful plugin that can be used to add a lot of features to your server. It is also very easy to use and configure. I hope this guide helped you to understand how to use mcMMO and how to configure it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the live chat.

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