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How to install and use MultiServerCounter [PMMP]

In this article, the MultiServerCounter plugin for PocketMineMP is installed and configured. MultiServerCounter is a PocketMineMP plugin that allows you to combine the player count of multiple servers. This can be used when you have more than 1 server, for example a Lobby and multiple gamemodes. When using this plugin, the player counts from all your servers will be combined and displayed in the Lobby for example, when queried from a server list or the menu in the Minecraft bedrock client. There are only a few simple steps to installing and setting up this plugin! Lets start!

Installing the plugin

Head over to this link and download the plugin.
Then, drag and drop the file into the plugins folder to upload it to WitherPanel. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
Lastly, restart your server to apply the changes
To make the plugin work, you have to edit the config.yml. To find it, head over to File Manager and go to plugin_data folder. From there find MultiServerCounter and open it.

Basic Setup

Here you can see how the config.yml looks like. You can edit the time(in seconds) that it takes to update the player count. Lastly you can add your server(s) that you want to query with the shown format and restart your server to apply the changes.

#Time in seconds
update-players-interval: 30

#Format: "ip:port"
- ""
- ""

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Updated on: 04/07/2022

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