In this article, we will guide you how to install and configure Multiverse-core plugin on your server.

Multiverse-Core is a plugin which can be used in having multiple worlds on the same server at the same time, as well as to be able to move between them. It also allowes you to easily import custom world into the server and load that world too.

Spigot And Bukkit ONLY

Getting Started
Go to Bukkit Multiverse-Core Page. Click on "File" and choose the version you are running and click on download icon.

After downloading the .jar file, upload it to /plugins

Go to Console tab and start/restart your server.
This log means plugin has loaded successfully

How to use Multiverse-Core

All letters are case-sensitive

Generating a new world
To generate a new world you just need to type mv create <name>. This will generate a new world in your server with the name provided.
World generating values:

Example: mv create someWorld normal -t flat will create a superflat world name someWorld

Teleporting to a world
To teleport to a world, run /mv tp <world-name>
Example: /mv tp someWorld will tp the command runner to world named "someWorld"

Deleting a world
To delete a world, run /mv delete <world-name>. It will ask for confirmation, If you are sure you want to delete the world send mv confirm.

List all worlds
To list all worlds loaded by the plugin, run /mv list.
Example response:

Importing a custom world
To import a custom a custom world you need to get and upload a world first.
In this case we got a parkor map
Drag and drop the world file to /home/container/ and unarchive it there.
Run /mv import <world_name> <environment_type>. In this case we are using world name "Parkor Ravine".
if your world has a space/gap in between their name, remove it. you can replace with -, _, etc.
So now the world folder name is ParkourRavine so we run /mv import ParkourRavine normal

You can find more information regarding this here

Add a '?' after a command to see more about it.
Items inside [] are OPTIONAL whereas variables inside {} are REQUIRED.

For the commands you want below, these are the variables' explanation!
WORLD - The world name.
ENV - The environment variable. overworld (normal), nether (nether), end (end).
PLAYER - Player in game name.
FILTER - Filter which checks name, description, alias(s) or usage contains the filter.
SEED - The seed of the world to generate.
GENERATOR - Multiverse allows you to use custom world generators via a Custom Generator Plugin. This line contains the information multiverse needs to load your worlds properly. You should not touch this value unless you know what you're doing.
DESTINATION - The world name to teleport to.
PROPERTY - List of property you can update.
VALUE - Value of the property
-s [SEED] - seed
-g [GENERATOR] - generator
-t [WORLDTYPE] - world type
-n -
-a [true | false] - Allow structures or not
-d - Deletes the anchor with NAME

/mv [FILTER] [PAGE #]
/mv version [-b|-h|-p] [--include-plugin-list]
/mv list [filter] [page]
/mv info [WORLD] [PAGE]
/mv create {NAME} {ENV} -s [SEED] -g [GENERATOR[:ID]] -t [WORLDTYPE] -a [true|false]
/mv clone {TARGET} {NAME} -g [GENERATOR[:ID]]
/mv import {NAME} {ENV} -g [GENERATOR[:ID]]
/mv reload
/mv setspawn
/mv coord
/mv who [WORLD|--all]
/mv spawn [PLAYER]
/mv unload {WORLD}
/mv load {WORLD}
/mv remove {WORLD}
/mv delete {WORLD}
/mv regen {WORLD} [-s [SEED]] [--keep-gamerules]
/mv confirm
/mv modify {set|add|remove|clear} ...
/mv purge [WORLD|all] {all|animals|monsters|MOBNAME}
/mv modify add {VALUE} {PROPERTY} [WORLD]
/mv modify set {PROPERTY} {VALUE} [WORLD]
/mv modify remove {PROPERTY} {VALUE} [WORLD]
/mv modify clear {PROPERTY} [WORLD]
/mv config {PROPERTY} {VALUE}
/mv anchor {name} [-d]
/mv env
/mv debug [1|2|3|off|silent]
/mv silent [true|false|on|off]
/mv generators
/mv script {script} [target]
/mv gamerule {RULE} {VALUE} [WORLD]
/mv gamerules [WORLD]

Muliverse-core should be active on your server now and running without any problems.

Feel free to contact the support using live chat if you need any assistance.

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