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How to install and use MyChristianSwearFilter (MCSF) plugin [Java]

The MCSF plugin is a swear/word filter plugin that helps keep your chat clean and safe! It's the one I've found that works the most effectively for chat censoring. In this guide, we'll go over how to install and use the plugin!

Installing the plugin

Download the resource from here
Upload the downloaded .jar file to the plugins folder of your server
Restart the server, and the plugin is installed!

Configuring the blacklisted and allowed words

Go to plugins --> MCSF --> data . In this folder, you'll see a few files, as shown in the image below

swears.yml contain all the blacklisted words that the plugin will check for. Luckily, they've already created a list of the most commonly used swear words by default. Often, this works for everyone!
whitelist.yml will contain words that you want to whitelist. For example, the word class has ass in it, so the filter would pick up on it. You can just whitelist the words accordingly

Main Configuration

Here's some important points to note in the MCSF main config.yml!

filtering: By default, you can enable if you want to use MCSF filtering or not. This is useful if you want all players to start getting filtered automatically
punishments: In this section, you can define what you want to do to the user if they swear. You have the option to additionally execute commands when a swear is detected. Useful if you want to kick/ban a player when they swear.
replacements: In case you want to replace a word with another type of phrase, you can specify that in this section. Useful if you want to have something like ass get displayed as butt instead.

That's the guide on configuring and using MCSF! It's a powerful yet simple plugin that let's you keep your server safe.

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Updated on: 09/03/2023

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