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How to install and use MyWorlds [Java]

Creating Custom Worlds with MyWorlds Plugin

How to Install:
Download the MyWorlds plugin from the official plugin repository here
Download the BKCommonLib dependency from the official plugin repository here.
Place the plugin JAR files into the plugins folder of your Minecraft server directory.
Restart your server to enable the plugin.

Commands and Permission Nodes:
There are no specific commands or permission nodes required for basic functionality. However, certain advanced features may have associated commands and permissions.

Configuration Explanation:
Open the config.yml file located in the MyWorlds plugin folder.
Configure the mainWorld parameter to specify your custom world as the main world.
Optionally, adjust other settings such as spawn memory usage according to your preferences.

Extra Features and How to Set Them Up:
MyWorlds offers additional features such as custom chunk generation and flag customization.
To set up custom chunk generation, consult the plugin documentation for detailed instructions.
Explore flag customization options to tailor the behavior of your custom worlds according to your server's needs.

For more advanced features and detailed instructions, refer to the official MyWorlds plugin documentation.

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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