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How to install and use PiggyCrates [PMMP]

The PiggyCrates plugin for Pocketmine is installed and configured in this article. PiggyCrates is a simple and customizable crates plugin in PocketMine-MP which supports an unlimited amount of crate types. It also supports vanilla and custom enchants, such as PiggyCustomEnchants. You can ready more about this here
Let's start! there are only a few simple steps to installing this plugin!

Installing the plugin

Head to this link and download the plugin.
Then, drag and drop the file into the plugins folder to upload it to WitherPanel. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
Lastly, restart your server to apply the changes

Commands and Permissions

/crate <crate> - Changes a chest to a crate by tapping. Permission: piggycrates.command.crate
/key - Gives a player a specific crate key. Permission: piggycrates.command.key
/keyall - Gives all online players a specific crate key. Permission: piggycrates.command.keyall

More Permissions

piggycrates - Allows usage of all PiggyCrates features.
piggycrates.command - Allow usage of all PiggyCrates commands.
piggycrates.command.crate - Allow usage of all /crate commands.
piggycrates.command.key - Allow usage of the /key command.
piggycrates.command.keyall - Allow usage of the /keyall command.

Configuring the plugin

The config.yml file has a few options that allow you to modify your key items and crate modes.

Let's see how to configure our crates! You have to simply open the `crates.yml`!

(Optional) floating-text: Floating text that will appear above the crate type. Leave empty for no floating text.
(Optional) commands: Commands to be run by CONSOLE when crate type is opened. Use {PLAYER} as a placeholder for player name.
drops: Possible drops of a crate type. Items are defined with the properties:
id: Item ID
meta: Item Meta
amount: Item Amount
(Optional) type: Item Type
(Default) item: Runs all crate item commands & gives the item
command: Runs all crate item commands
(Optional) chance: Item Weight
(Optional) nbt: Item NBT as stringified JSON
(Optional) name: Item Name
(Optional) lore: Item Lore as string with line breaks represented as \n
(Optional) enchantments: Item enchantments defined like so:
 - name: "Sharpness"
   level: 1
 - name: "Thorns"
   level: 1

(Optional) commands: Commands to be run by CONSOLE if item is dropped by crate.
amount: Amount of drops a single crate type will give.

Article written by JohnnyX071#8985 ( ID 492973735993933824 ) with improvements by MrRazamataz

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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