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How to install and use SimpleFaction plugin [PMMP]

In this article, the SimpleFaction plugin for PocketMine-MP is installed and configured. SimpleFaction is a factions plugin with countless features that replaces other faction plugins that are no longer updated.
Now, let's begin! Installing and configuring this plugin only requires a few easy steps!

Installing the plugin

Go to this link and download the plugin.
To upload the file to WitherPanel, drag and drop it into the plugins folder. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
In order to apply the changes, restart your server.

Basic Commands & Permissions

In SimpleFactions there are different pre made ranks where each one has specific permissions!

Commands that can be used by <strong>everyone:</strong>

/f help (Opens the factions help menu)
/f create (Creates a faction)
/f info (Gives information of the specified faction)
/f who (Gets information of a player's faction)
/f accept (Accepts a faction invitation)
/f deny (Denys a faction invitation)
/f chat (Changes your chat configuration)
/f home (Teleporst to your faction's home)
/f top (Shows the top factions)
/f bank (Manages your faction's bank)
/f leave (Leaves your current faction)
/f map (Shows the nearby claims)
/f border (Shows the chunk border limit)
/f here (Shows claims information)

Commands that can be used by <strong>officers:</strong>

/f claim (Claims a chunk)
/f unclaim (Unclaims a chunk)
/f invite (Invites a player to your faction)
/f kick (Kicks a player from your faction)
/f sethome (Sets your faction's home)
`/f delhome`(Deletes your faction's home)
/f war (Manages faction wars)

Commands that can be used by <strong>leaders:</strong>

/f delete (Deletes your faction)
/f allies (Manages your faction alliances)
/f promote (Promoteq a member)
/f demote (Demoteq an officer)
/f transfer (Transferq your leadership)

Commands that can be used by <strong>server staff:</strong>

/f admin (All administrative commands) Permission: simplefaction.admin

Simple Example

Let's say I want to create a faction but I don't understand the language. Let's go ahead and change the language to Spanish for example. You would need to run /f lang SPA.

Now we can create a faction named test with the following commnad /f create test.

If you want to invite your friend named Freddy74 for this example. Let's use /f invite Freddy74. If you want to switch to the faction chat use: /f chat FACTION, now all messages will be sent on the faction's chat. If you want to switch back to global chat just use /f chat GLOBAL. You can also use /f chat ALLIENCE to use the allience chat. Let's run the /f chat command and change the faction chat

as shown in the image

If you want to give your friend more permissions, you can use /f promote Freddy74.

Let's say that some other players on the server want to form an allience with you. (Their faction name is test2). Now you can use /f ally add test2. They would have to use /f ally accept test

as shown in the image

Let's say now you have decided you no longer want your faction, you (the leader), would use /f delete test to delete the faction.

Basic Configuration

You can customtise some things in the config.yml to match your linking. Other than that, you are good to go and the plugin should work.
Some basic options are:

(You can enable or disable the bank system)
economy_system: false

(You can enable or disable the war system)
war_system: true

(You can set the worlds where players can claim land)
faction_worlds: ["world"]

(You can set the max members per faction)
faction_max_members: 20

Features/Plugin support

SimpleFactions has support for EconomyAPI and ScoreHUD plugins. Lastly, they have support for MySQL.

Article written by JohnnyX071#8985 ( ID 492973735993933824 )

Updated on: 30/07/2022

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