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How to install and use Slapper [PMMP]

In this article, we will install and configure Slapper plugin for Pocketmine. This plugin will allow you to spawn NPCs into your world that can run commands or simply be pretty!

🙋 Now, let's begin! Installing and configuring this plugin only requires a few easy steps! 🙋

🔌 Installing the plugin 🔌

Go to this link and download the plugin.
To upload the file to WitherPanel, drag and drop it into the plugins folder. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
In order to apply the changes, restart your server.

Example Slapper NPC

⌨️ Basic Commands ⌨️

With Slapper, there are a few commands you need to know that will allow you to perform all its functions:

/slapper help - ask Slapper for helpful info
/slapper spawn [name] - spawn a Slapper NPC. Look below for examples.
/slapper edit [id] [args...] - edit a Slapper NPC. Here you can choose to edit only a piece of the NPC (helmet, leggings...), change the name, add a command, or move it to another location with tphere. Look to the next section for examples.

/slapper id - find the ID of a Slapper NPC
/slapper remove [id] - remove a Slapper NPC
/slapper version - check the Slapper version
/slapper cancel - cancel a Slapper action
/slapper updateall - update all Slappers
/rca - run command as another player

🖱️ Basic Configuration Examples 🖱️

To spawn a human-shaped NPC named Bob: use Slapper spawn human Bob - the ID will be outputted in the chat and name displayed above the NPC like a gamertag.

Slapper will automatically apply the skin you have on to your NPC's appearance, so if you want, for example, a wizard NPC, simply change your skin to a Wizard (I recommend checking out Skindex) and use this command to summon a Wizard NPC.

To edit Bob by adding a command, you can use the built-in addcommand argument. The following command will make the NPC say "Hello world!" every time it is tapped by a player: Slapper edit 1 addcommand rca {player} say Hello world! You should change the ID of the NPC to the one you want to edit (second parameter in the command, here set as 1). Check the ID using /slapper ID and tapping the NPC. It is recommended to keep the rca {player} part to allow players to interact with the NPC, however, you can change the command it executes afterwards (here we use a "say" command, but you can use give, title, summon....)

For advanced and faster configuration, you can check out the plugin's files in your file manager and change NPC settings and parameters using Slapper's config files.

🏷️ Addons 🏷️

SlapBack allows slappers to slap back at you!
SlapperRotate allows slappers to turn around to see you!
SlapperCooldown allows for cooldowns for players hitting slappers!

Note that these are dependencies and require the full Slapper plugin previously installed to function

And you should be all good! Feel free to open a live chat with any questions.

Article made by Emperor#9999 ( ID 764580296673853460 )

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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