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How to install and use Spicord [Java]

In this article, we will install and configure Spicord plugin for Spigot-forked Java softwares. This plugin will allow you to integrate features between your Minecraft and Discord servers.

Now, let's begin! Installing and configuring this plugin only requires a few easy steps!

🔌 Installing the plugin 🔌

Go to this link and download the plugin.
To upload the file to WitherPanel, drag and drop it into the plugins folder. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
In order to apply the changes, restart your server.

🖱️ Basic configuration 🖱️

This plugin requires you to have a Discord bot set up via the Discord developer portal. Don't know how to do this? Check out Discord's documentation. Make sure all "Privilege Gateway Intents" are checked for your bots permission in order for this plugin to work fully.

Go to plugins/Spicord/config.toml
In the bot token field, paste in your bot's ID retrieved from the Discord developer portal
Change enabled to "true"
Restart your server

Example Spicord command in Discord

⌨️ Basic Commands ⌨️

There are three built-in commands that can be very useful in your Discord-Minecraft server.

-info: shows server information (player count and version)
-players: displays online player list (with names)
-plugins: lists plugins - disable this one if you want to keep your server magic hidden!

To remove one of these, simply remove it from the addons list in the config file.
You can additionally change your Spicord command prefix by modifying command_prefix in the config.

🏷️ Addons 🏷️

Profile Viewer allows you to see Minecraft player profiles in Discord.
Ban Announcer announced punishments made in-game on Discord.
Staff Chat allows for private staff chats between Minecraft and Discord.
Discord Rewards gives rewards in-game to active Discord members.
Discord Notify shows in-game chat, joins/leaves, inactivity and more in Discord channels (similar to DiscordSRV).

Note that these are dependencies and require the full Spicord plugin previously installed to function

And you should be all good! Feel free to open a live chat with any questions.

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Updated on: 10/01/2023

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