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How to install and use SRegionProtector [Nukkit]

In this article, we will install and configure SRegionProtector plugin for Nukkit. This plugin will allow you to protect structures from griefing such as spawns or pvp areas in your worlds. It can help both admins and players with build protection.

🛡️Now, let's begin! Installing and configuring this plugin only requires a few easy steps! 🛡️

🔌 Installing the plugin 🔌

Go to this link and download the plugin.
To upload the file to WitherPanel, drag and drop it into the plugins folder. Alternatively, you can upload it via sFTP.
In order to apply the changes, restart your server.

⌨️ Basic Commands ⌨️

With SRegionProtector, there are a few commands you need to know that will allow you to perform all its functions:

Region Creation

/wand - get wand for region selecting
/rg expand [SIZE] [UP/DOWN] - expanding region up or down
/rg size - check selected area size (not a existing region)
/rg showborder - show selected area borders by sending fake blocks (border block can be changed at config)
/rg select [REGION] - show region`s borders
/rg removeborders - remove border`s created by 'select' or 'showborder' commands
/rg pos1/pos2 - select first/second region`s position
/rg lpos1/lpos2 - select first/second region`s position at the block you are looking at
/rg create [NAME] - create region

Example region creation:

Select the first corner of the claim you want to make using the command`/rg pos1` (this will select the block where you're standing)
Select the second corner of the claim you want to make using /rg pos2
Establish the claim using /rg claim myClaim (replace myClaim with whatever you want to name the claim)
All good! You just created a claim using these simple commands. For further actions, see the commands below.

Region Management

/rg flag [REGION] [FLAG] [STATE(allow/deny)] - change the region flag state
/rg info [REGION(optional)] - show all region information
/rg list [owner/member/creator] - show regions in which you are a member, owner or creator
/rg remove [REGION] - remove region
/rg tp [REGION] - teleport to a region with enabled teleport flag
/rg gui [REGION(optional)] - open region's GUI
/rg copyflags [SOURCE] [DESTINATION] - copy flags from one region to another


/rg addowner [REGION] [PLAYER] - add owner to the region
/rg addmember [REGION] [PLAYER] - add member to the region
/rg removemember [REGION] [PLAYER] - remove member from the region
/rg removeowner [REGION] [PLAYER] - remove owner from the region


/rg save - save regions manually


/rg sell [REGION] [PRICE] - sell region which cant overlap with other regions
/rg removefromsale [REGION] - remove region from sale

Permissions for each command and options can be found here.

🖱️ Basic Configuration 🖱️

We will go over some basic options here. There are more, but others are more advanced and don't necessarily change plugin behavior.


border-blocks: "20"
Set the block to be shown when borders are displayed

default-max-region-amount: 3
Maximum number of regions to be claimed by players

default-max-region-size: 15000
Maximum size of a claimed region

If you want to give players more claim blocks, give them the permission "sregionprotector.region.size.DESIRED_MAX_SIZE" for size and "sregionprotector.region.amount.DESIRED_MAX_AMOUNT" for amounts.


Region name settings:
Max max-region-name-length: 10

min-region-name-length: 3

And you should be all good! Feel free to open a live chat with any questions.

Article made by Emperor#9999

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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