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How to install and use TAB [Java]

Hi! In this article we will learn how to install, configure and use TAB.

The vanilla TAB list can be very boring or simple, this plugin will allow you to customize it, giving you endless design possibilities!

Installing TAB

You can download TAB from the following link:
Free Version

You will need to create an account on this site in order to download the plugin
After downloading the files, shutdown your server, put the file in the plugins folder, and start your server again!
If you have any questions about how to install plugins, read this article!

Configuring TAB

The configuration of this plugin is quite extensive, due to the great possibilities that the plugin offers you, but it is very easy to understand, and the name of each configuration is self-explanatory. I will start by mentioning each file that this plugin has, and its use:


Here are the default animations, you can create new ones, respecting the format that the file has
The name of the animation will be used to insert place holders in your TAB List
The creation of animations is complex, and I recommend using the existing ones, just modifying colors, etc.


Here are the main settings and layout of your TAB List, as well as other important settings. Fortunately, each section of this file has a link that directs you to the creator's GitHub, where it explains in detail the use of that part of the file, valid values, etc.
In the config.yml file you will find at the beginning of the file the header and footer values, which correspond to the top and bottom of your TAB List, you can include line breaks respecting the format that the plugin provides, use animation placeholders (the name of your animation between the signs ''%'') and more!


Here you can add the groups of your permissions plugin (We recommend LuckPerms), obviously you will need to have LuckPerms (or any other permissions plugin) and Vault installed to be able to use this


This feature allows you to customize all 80 tablist slots. Displaying less than 4 columns is currently not supported.
For further explanation please visit this link


In this file you will be able to change the messages of the plugin, such as the message that will appear when reloading the plugin, etc.


Modifying this file is quite simple, and I will explain what the 3 most useful lines are for

First Line: Here will go the nickname of the user we want to modify

tabprefix: Here you will add the prefix that should be used in the TAB, although if you want to modify several users, it is recommended to use LuckPerms

tagprefix: Here you can add a prefix to the nickname that will appear above the skin of the modified user, I will provide examples below:

Vanilla Nickname (Without any prefix)

Semi-Vanilla Nickname  (With prefix added)

Fortunately this plugin supports Minecraft Vanilla colors and HEX colors


Now I will mention the most important permissions, with the command to which they correspond

Command: /tab <player/group/playeruuid> <name> <property> [value]
Description: Changes a property of a group/player to the given value. No value argument will result in that property being deleted.

Command: /tab reload
Description: Unloads the plugin, loads configuration files including changes and loads the plugin.

Command: /tab group <group>
Description: Shows all settings applied to specified groups, both globally and per-world / per-server. Handly when plugin is connected to MySQL, where you have no other way to effectively check group settings.

Command: /tab groups
Description: Shows list of all groups that have anything assigned to them, either globally or per-world / per-server. Handy when plugin is connected to MySQL, where you have no other way to effectively check your groups.

Command: /tab bossbar
Description: Toggles bossbar(s) for player who executed the command
Command: /tab announce bar <name> <duration>
Description: Shows the boss bar with the given name to every player on the server for the given duration, in seconds.
Command: /tab send bar <player> <name> <duration>
Description: Sends the boss bar with the given name to the given player for the given duration, in seconds.

Command: /tab mysql upload
Description: Uploads all data from users.yml and groups.yml to MySQL. Must be enabled and connected for this command to work.
Command: /tab mysql download
Description: Downloads all data to users.yml and groups.yml from MySQL. Must be enabled and connected for this command to work.

To manage the necessary permissions, you must use a plugin that has this function, we recommend LuckPerms for this, you can download it here

If you have any questions or problems using this plugin, feel free to contact us through our live chat, or ask in the #community-help channel on our Discord Server

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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