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How to install and use Towny [Java]

In this article, you're going to be learning how to add and use Towny in your server.

Plugin Summary

Towny is a community-orientated gamemode. The plugin features:
Create towns and manage the residents of the town.
Internal chunk claiming for block protection.
Curate towns into nations and provide a realistic world experience.
Start wars between 2 nations.
Customised chat formatting (with town prefixes and suffixes!)
Support for shop plugins and economy hooks.


To start, download the latest version of the plugin from here.
Then, drag-and-drop the jar file into the /home/container/plugins folder, on WitherPanel. Lastly, reboot the server and it should now run.


To configure your server to your likings, open the File Manager and edit the config.yml. The general path to this plugin's configuration file is /home/container/plugins/Towny/settings/config.yml.

The configuration file contains the following configurable options:
(The following line markers are based on the default configuration file. Of course, any modification to your file may potentially shift the line count, so use them as a reference point!)

Language locale settings. (8)
Default town levels, allowing more customisations to the default leveling system Towny provides. (55)
Default states/values for the town upon creation, including tax and board content. (230)
Default states/values for the nation upon creation, including public/open states and board content. (354)
Whether Towny should be mounted into new worlds and other world-related settings. (383)
Regeneration settings to modify the health regeneration rate. (501)
Configure the Nation Zones feature. (A claim buffer for the Nation) (775)
Configuring backups and database settings (Database settings will be located in ./database.yml). (847)
Configure filters and chat formatting. (948)
Configure block/item/mob protection. (1014)
Wilderness zone configuration. (1115)
Notification formatting and colours. (1150)
Default configuration for permission flags. (1221)
Custom command aliases/rebinding. (1296)
Resident settings. (1365)
Economy settings. (1392)
Bank history formatting. (1689)
Configure custom Town Blocks. (1730)
Jail plot settings. (1803)
Bank plot settings. (1857)
Ruining settings. (1870)


This file is intended if you wish to store Towny-related data remotely.


This file provides flexibility on how your chat will be formatted.
The configuration file contains information such as placeholders, the description of each placeholder and even a colouring guide, text alterations and Hex formatting.


This file allows you to change the look and range of chat channels.

Getting started!

As of Towny you can take advantage of the /ta install command. This command will give the admin some prompts as to how they wish their server to be configured. Options prompted will include whether the wilderness should be modified, revert-on-unclaim will decay the town and how much townblocks/plots a town should get per resident.

By default, players cannot build/break in the wilderness zone. To enable it, simply use /ta toggle wildernessuse

For Nomads to start a town, the command to create a town is /town new <name>.

For Mayors to start claiming land, simply use the /town claim.
Of course, this means the first piece of land must be an outpost in order to claim more land.

To access Residential tools/commands, use the /resident command.
To access Town-related tools/commands, use the /town command.

This is the complete basic as to what Towny can provide. However this is only the tip of the iceberg. You can read more about it tools over here.


By default, Towny is configured to work with the permission config, generated in townyperms.yml. This permissions file will allow everyone to use towny commands from a fresh install. The only commands that may require additional nodes will be the admin commands.

To give admins access to admin-restricted commands, please give the Admin group towny.admin.

If you wish for players to destroy and modify the wilderness enviornment, you must add the towny.wild.* node in order to give players permission to modify the wilderness.

If you wish to have further customisation with Towny permissions, feel free to refer the Wiki here.

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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