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How to install and use UltraBar [Java]

In this guide, we will walk through the purpose, setup, configuration, commands, and permissions of the UltraBar plugin

What is UltraBar?

UltraBar is a key Minecraft Java plugin that allows you to:

Display boss bars, titles and action bars at all times
Display these when a player joins, enters a region (WorldGuard), dies, or executes a command

Bossbars made with UltraBar

How do you install it?

Download the plugin from Spigot
Upload it to your plugins folder
Restart your server

Having trouble? Check out our plugin setup article

How do you configure it?

In the config, you will have different sections for OnJoin, OnDeath, OnCommand, BossBarMessages, Title_Announcements, Action_Announcements, and WorldGuardRegion
Each section will vary slightly.

Here is an example of a few configured BossBar messages:
  No_Progress: true
    Message: Empire Network
    Color: blue
    Style: '6'
    Time: 100
  Enabled: true
  World_Whitelist_Enabled: false
  Random_Order: false
  - world
      Message: '&2Season 7'
      Color: blue
      Style: '6'
      Time: 100
      Message: '&3Ancient Ages'
      Color: red
      Style: '6'
      Time: 100
      Message: '&bEmpire &cNetwork!'
      Color: green
      Style: '6'
      Time: 100

The most important options are:
No_Progress determines whether or not the bossbar should be moving (like in the picture above)
Message is the text you want it to say (supports color codes)
Color can be blue, green, pink, purple, red, white, or yellow
Style can be 6, 10, 12, 20 or blank for solid (0 in command form)
Time is the duration during which the bar will be displayed in ticks (1/20s)
Supports Placeholder API

Here's an example of an action bar that displays on join

What are the commands?

Make sure you have the permissions for these, or make sure you are an operator!

/ultrabar - Main help page!
/ultrabar reload - Reload the plugin!
/ultrabar hooks - Views what plugins UltraBar is hooking into.
/ultrabar toggle - Toggles if you can see the bossbar announcement.
/ultrabar cancel - Removes all active bars.
/ultrabar clear [player] - Removes all active bars from a single player.
/bar - Help page for the Boss Bar Commands
/utitle - Help page for the Title Commands.
/actionbar - Help page for the Action bar commands

What are the permissions?

These are case-sensitive!
Allows users to use the command /bar
parameter: player:@a -or- player:* -or- player:all
Allows the user to send a bar to everyone on a server.
parameter: player:example1,example2,example3
Allows the user to send a bar to a list of players.
parameter: perm:true
Allows the user to make permanent bars.
parameter: clear:death
Allows the user to add clear conditions to the bars. (Since 2.1)

Send an actionbar to a player.

Send an actionbar to all of the players online.

Send a title to a player.

Send a title to all player online.
Access the help command.

Reload the plugin.

Hides or shows the announcement bars.

Show the active hooks for the plugin.

Removes all active bars.

Removes all active bars for that player.

Check out our Luckperms article if you want to learn more about how to setup permissions for players on your server
Here's an example of an action bar with no progress
Great! UltraBar should now be all setup, have fun setting titles!

Need more help? Check out the UltraBar Wiki

Article made by Emperor#9999

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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