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How to install and use VentureChat [Java]

In this article, you will learn about how to use VentureChat and to configure the plugin easily

A reminder that this plugin will not work on version 1.19 (on the time this article created), the core feature still working but message remover will not work, it will be updated soon by the developer.


Before installing the plugin you should know a bit about this plugin feature and why you need to use this plugin than other Chat plugin. And this are the list:

- Channels system for a controlled chat: Players can join channels they want to hear and leave channels they don't want to hear.
- Channel permissions: You can make channels with permissions. Ex: Staff channels or donator channels.
- Channel distances: You can configure a distance for players to hear a channel. Ex: A town or local channel
- Channel cooldowns: You can set a cooldown time in seconds for a channel for a cooldown between a player sending a message. There is a bypass permission for cooldowns.
- Towny and Factions channels: With the channeling feature, it's possible for Towny plugin to work alongside with this plugin
- Anti Spam: A built in anti spam feature that automatically mute spammer
- BungeeCord synchronization: Mutes and channel data from BungeeCord channels, along with spy and commandspy settings will be automatically synchronized throughout the network
- PlaceholderAPI Placeholders: All PlaceholderAPI placeholders will work in the chat format, JSON formatting, and moderation GUI.

And that's not all, for more information about the plugin, visit their Spigot page.


To install this plugin, simply head to this link and download the VentureChat plugin.

After finish installing the jar file, go to your plugin folder and upload the jar file then restart your server (the plugin need another plugin to work which is mentioned at Configuration), a new plugin folder named VentureChat will be created on your plugin folder, which mean that the plugin is enabled and you are ready to go.


Before we go configurating, this plugin require another plugin to work such as:

- Vault
- ProtocolLib
- PlaceholderAPI

This plugin will not work if you have EssentialChat enabled as this will crash both plugin chat system, so you need to choose either using EssentialChat or VentureChat plugin.
While it does not support EssentialChat, the plugin support other plugin to work, such as DiscordSRV or PurpleIRC.

After installing all this plugin, now your VentureChat are working 100%. Now it's time to configure the setting:
    color: dark_green
    chatcolor: "None"
    mutable: true
    filter: true
    autojoin: true
    default: true
    distance: 0
    cooldown: 3
    bungeecord: false
    alias: g
    permissions: None
    speak_permissions: None
    format: '&f[&2Global&f] {vault_prefix} {player_displayname}&2:{vault_suffix}'

Here are the simple setting for global chat, this are to channel the global user with other channel you want to create soon, such as Staff channel or VIP channel.
Change the color to any color you want, set bungeecord to false if you didn't use Bungeecord for your server and didn't want to use the cross server feature.
Add permissions to whoever should be in this channel, use none for global user.
You can also change the chat format and edit it to your liking!

Now you already have the global chat channel, now you want to make Staff chat channel? easy, copy those code above and paste it. Edit it after you paste the text, change to whatever you want. You can create tons of channel with tons of customization.

To view a tutorial without using this complex text, you can see this tutorial on how to configure the plugin with just a command:

Reminder that you need to enable automatic translation to English subtitle because the video is in Spanish.


/chatreload - Reload the plugin config file
/chatinfo - Read user chat information
/channelinfo - Read channel information
/broadcast - To broadcast a message to the server
/clearchat - To clear every player chat
/message - Send a message to a specific player
/muteall - Mute a player in all channel
/mute - Mute a player in a channel
/config - To send the config help page

This are the important command you should know, for more command to be covered is in this Github Link.

Updated on: 19/01/2023

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