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How to install and use WorldEdit [Java]

In this article, you're going to be learning how to add and use Worldedit in your server.

Plugin Summary

This building-orientated plugin is designed in mind to provide peace and automated building tools for Builders. The plugin features:
Mass world modifications (Between 2 points and planes)
Provides support for region selecting for other plugins requiring management of regions. (WorldGuard)
Replace and filter specific blocks in a specified area.
Drain and fill certain areas.
Load pre-made schematics from both locally saved schematic files and remotely uploaded schematic files.
Provides the ability to copy and paste blocks and entities and retain meta-data. (Items in chests, NBTs in entities)
Brushes provided to perform terraforming operations.

GIF of World Edit Gameplay


To start, download the latest version of the plugin from here.
Then, drag-and-drop the jar file into the /home/container/plugins folder, on WitherPanel. Lastly, reboot the server and it should now run.


To configure your server to your likings, open the File Manager and edit the config.yml. The general path to this plugin's configuration file is /home/container/plugins/WorldEdit/config.yml.

The configuration file will consist options like:
Limiting the amount of block operations.
Limiting the type/material of blocks allowed.
Enable the use of the creative inventory or survival inventory for block operations.
Modification of file path for schematics, scripts and snapshots.
Modify the type of wand item to bind to.

Getting started!

The images displayed here involves third-party plugins to portray the visual effects. This does not come shipped with WorldEdit.

You can use a wand to specify 2 points of travel to create/edit a plane of blocks.
You can simply type //wand into the chat box. (Yes, with 2 back-slashes, this is not a mistake.) By default you should have been given a wooden axe as your wand.

Left click a block of interest to set your first position. (You will know this works when the pink-purple chat comes up.)
Right click a block of interest to set your second position.

Please note that if you are selecting 2 points in the same X/Y/Z plane, you will be modifying that plane only (2D). If your 2 points has all 3 different points, then you have highlighted a 3D region. (Cuboid).

2D Plane Selection
Image shows a 2D region selected.

3D Plane Selected
Image shows a 3D region selected.

Now you can run //set stone as one of your first modification commands. This command will set all the blocks selected in your region to stone. Of course, you can change the second parameter to any block material.

World modification
Image shows a 3D region modified.

This is the complete basic as to what Worldedit can provide. However this is only the tip of the iceberg. You can read more about it tools over here.

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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