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How to setup and use PlaceholderAPI plugin [Java]


PlaceholderApi is a magnificient plugin with tags for a variety of plugins. It has a huge list of Plugin Names and Supported Tags to make use easier. It provides placeholder variables you can use in your server, for example if you want to have a placeholder for players, there's something for it! If you want a placeholder for your money in-game, there's something for it!

1. Downloading from Spigot

Click on the Download Now button.
And save it in a place you can remember.

2. Uploading

Go to your /home/container/plugins folder or click Plugins in your home directory.
Upload the .jar PlaceholderAPI file.
Restart your server.

3. Setup

It is a plug 'n' play plugin so no configurations are required
The only important option in the config.yml is ucloud_allow_unverified_expansions: false/true, which you will need to set to true if you want to download extensions for a plugin not verified

4. Papi ECloud

This is the most important feature of the plugin, to instantly download Papi Extensions from the internet.
Check out all the Placeholders at: Placeholders
For this example we will be using the Server Placeholders. Server
First, in console, type papi ecloud download Server or in-game, /papi ecloud download Server

Note here "Server" is the Category of Placeholders. For different Categories change the text. For example if we are downloading the Player Category. The console command would be papi ecloud download Player

Then type in console papi reload or /papi reload in-game
And now you have successfully downloaded the Server extension for PlaceholderAPI.
To test if the placeholders are working, simply run /papi parse me %the_placeholder%

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Updated on: 14/06/2022

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