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How to use the firewall on your server to block incoming connections

🤔 What use is a firewall? 🤔

A firewall can help you to protect your server from bot attacks, and ban IP addresses of your choosing from accessing your server!

💡 How to use it 💡

Navigate to WitherPanel, and select a server of your choosing
Click on the Firewall tab.

You can now see where we can add firewall rules.

Click on the BAN IP button you can see above; this will bring up the popup

Here, you can specify what IP address or subnet of IP addresses to ban. Once you're satisifed with your selection, click the BAN IP button in the popup.
The IP will be succesfully banned! You will be able to view detailed geolocation information about this IP address, and also have the option to unban the IP with the click of a button

👍 Some useful examples of IP address formatting 👍

Block all incoming connections: with DROP.

Block all connections from the IP with DROP

Block all connections from all IPs in with DROP

To figure out the subnet of an IP address, go to IpInfo , put in the IP address in question, and search for the "network" field!

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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