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How to Create and Access a Database

In this article, we will teach you how to use our databases in WitherHosting to function with your minecraft plugins.

In this article, we will be getting a database made for a plugin called Plan | Player Analytics

➕ Creating a database ➕

First, go to, and then go to the databases section in your panel.

Now, click on New Database. This will create a database with a username and password for it.

Make sure to set a name of your choice, and then click on Create Database. Additionally, you can specify which IP addresses to allow connections from. Putting % means that any IP address can access the database. This is useful in case you want to restrict your database access only to your server or to certain IPs.

A database should be made with information to access it. Click on the eye icon to further reveal a window which contains information that is needed.
It will show the username, password as well as other important info.

🔓 Accessing Your Database 🔓

In order to access your database, there are two methods!

Automatic login with PHPMyAdmin

On your database page, you'll see an icon that looks like a database. Simply click on that icon, and you'll be logged into PHPMyAdmin! Here, you can manage your database rows, tables, etc. and even import and export databases! See our migration guide for more.

Login with external MySQL Client ( HeidiSQL )

A great SQL software management tool is HeidiSQL. You can login to this by inputting your database credentials. All information is available to you by clicking on the eye icon to view the database details. In HeidiSQL,

🔌 Configuring a Plugin to Use Your Database 🔌

Let us put this database info into a plugin. I go to my plugin data folder, and open up it's config.yml. Note that for some plugins, it might be located in a different file, check according to the plugin you use. I enter the IP address, port, username, password, and database name. All information is available to you by clicking on the eye icon to view the database details. Save your content and then restart the server for the plugin changes to take effect, and your plugin should be using the database!

That's the guide on How to create and access a database! If you have any questions regarding the article, feel free to use the comments section below, and we'll answer them as soon as we can! You can also join the discussion at our discord to get help from other members and staff! Thank you for reading this article!

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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