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How to migrate databases on your panel

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This article intends to teach you on how to import and export a database of yours that you're looking to move to another provider/here in WitherHosting! The import process is rather simple, so let's get right into it.

🔓 Accessing the phpmyadmin interface 🔓

First, you'll want to make sure you're at and you are in the databases section of your server. If you've created a database, you'll see a manage button to view your database at our phpmyadmin website. Click on that to open a new window.

In the login fields, use the username, and password associated with your database. ( You can find the details by clicking the eye icon ). Make sure to select the database node you're on, and click login!

📤 Exporting your database 📤

Once you're in, click on the database that you want to export at the left-hand side. Then, click the export button at the top. Proceed to choose quick export method and click "go" to get a .sql file of your database downloaded to your computer. You can choose custom if you want to have all your databases' sql files at once.

📩 Importing your database 📩

First, click on the database you want to import to at the left-hand side. If you have a .sql file you want to import to your database, use the import function, choose the file from your computer ( 64mb max ) and then import it to your server! The import will be complete.
Additionally, you can paste a list of SQL commands to run in order to import your data if that's what you prefer.

And you're done! You've sucesfully migrated a database on your panel. This guide applies for any other host information. Make sure they have a phpmyadmin website, or use HeidiSQL instead to get a backup of your database to import with us!
If you have any other questions, do no hesitate to open a live chat!

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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