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Monetizing your server with a Tebex store (Buycraft)

Hosting a server is fantastic, but it comes with costs. An easy and cost-free method to generate revenue is by setting up a server store using Tebex (formerly known as Buycraft). In this guide, we will explore all the features of the free version. Feel free to upgrade to unlock additional features as well.

1. Setup

First, sign up for a free account on the Tebex website.
Follow their instructions to choose the correct gametype and complete the registration process.
You'll be prompted to install their plugin on your server. Restart your server after installation.
Next, execute a command provided by Tebex in your server console to link your server to its store. If done correctly, the plugin will confirm that your server is now connected to your store!

2. Configuration

Packages: Add categories and packages from the packages tab. Each package can include a description, image, and price. Crucially, you can configure the plugin to execute commands after a purchase, such as granting a special pet in-game. Avoid adding slashes as these are console commands. Color codes and placeholders like {name} (replaced by the buyer's in-game name) are supported. See the example below:
If this package is bought, the player's rank will be set to Gold and the purchase will be announced.
Webstore: Customize your store's appearance (theme, homepage, etc.) in the webstore section to ensure it looks appealing.
Subdomain: In the domain tab of the webstore section, select a subdomain followed by for a shorter, customized store link. Enter your desired subdomain name and click save.
Warning: Ensure all items sold in your server store comply with the Minecraft EULA or the game's terms of service.

3. Management

Utilize the dashboard and statistics page to monitor your store's performance and view your webstore. Promote your store on your server to inform players about available purchases. When a package is bought, ensure the player receives the promised items. Check recent customers on the dashboard page in case of disputes:
Recent payments
Advanced Tebex Plus features like engagement and customer management are not covered here.

4. Extracting Funds

The money spent in your webstore is real, so don't let it go to waste! After a purchase has been "settled" (usually within a few days), export the funds. Navigate to payments -> wallet and connect your Tebex store "wallet" to your PayPal email or bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 USD, and Tebex will deduct a small percentage of the exported sum.
If you have multiple servers, you can create separate Tebex webstores by visiting your account -> webstores -> create webstore.
There's a plethora of options available with a Tebex store. For additional inquiries, refer to their knowledgebase.

Updated on: 02/06/2024

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