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Monetizing your server with a Tebex store (Buycraft)

Hosting a server is great, but it costs money. An easy and free way to generate some revenue is to set up a server store using Tebex (formerly named Buycraft). In this guide, we will review all features of the free version. Feel free to upgrade to unlock other features as well.

1. Setup

First, you'll need to sign up for a free account on the Tebex website.
Then, you will receive instructions on what to do next from them. Select the right gametype and finish up the registration page.
They will ask you to install their plugin on your server. Restart your server.
After, they will give you a command to send in the console that connects your server to its store. If you've done everything right, the plugin should respond and say that your server is now connected to your store!

2. Configuration

Packages: You can add categories and packages from the packages tab. You can give each package a description, picture and price, but most importantly you can make the plugin execute commands after a purchase (for example if someone bought a special pet, you can execute the command to give them that pet in-game). Make sure not to add the slash (these are console commands). Color codes will work as well as some placeholders such as {name} that will be replaced by the buyer's in-game name. Here's an example:

If this package is bought, the player's rank will be set to Gold and the server will announce the purchase.
Webstore: In addition to packages, you can also customize your store's appearance (theme, homepage...) in the webstore section. You want to make sure your store looks as nice as possible!
Subdomain: At the bottom of the webstore section, you will see a domain tab. There, you can select any name for your subdomain that is followed by, therefore making your store easier to find with a shorter and more customized link. All you have to do is type it in and click save.
Warning: everything you sell on your server store should be in accordance with Minecraft EULA or the terms of service of the game you're using it for.

3. Management

The dashboard and statistics page will be very useful indicators of how your store is doing and viewing your webstore. Make sure to advertise it somewhere on your server so that people know they can buy things from there. When a package is purchased (you will most likely be emailed), make sure the player receives what it promised. If they claim they haven't, you can see what they bought on the dashboard page where it shows recent customers:

Recent payments
Tebex plus features such as engagement and customer management will not be covered here.

4. Extracting money

The money people spend on your webstore is real: don't just let it sit there! After the purchase has "settled" (could be a few days), make sure to export it. For this, you will need to navigate to payments -> wallet and connect your tebex store "wallet" to your paypal email/bank account. The minimum for extracting money is $5 USD and Tebex will take a small percentage of the sum you decide to export.
It is possible to create multiple Tebex webstores if you have more than one server (go to your account -> webstores -> create webstore)
There is a ton you can do with a Tebex store. For further questions, check out their knowledgebase.

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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