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How to add resource packs to your server

In this article, we will learn how to add resource packs to your minecraft server! We will go over each specific game type, paper, pmmp/nukkit, vanilla bedrock, and as well as adding packs to your geysermc server. If you want to go to a specific section in this article, click the links below

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Vanilla Bedrock

🗞️ Paper 🗞️

Installing a resource pack in papermc is rather simple! To begin with, first go to the resource pack you want to download. In this case, we will be downloading the Faithful texture pack. You need to ensure you have the direct download link, in this case, it is
Now, go to WitherPanel, and go to your file and find the resource-pack setting. Put in the link, and then click save.

Next, we will get a hash for this resource pack. The hash is used to verify that this pack is actually valid, and to verify that it exists. You can go to a tool such as, upload your resource pack, and get your hash.

We will copy this hash, and then put it into resource-pack-sha1 setting at

Once you've done this, simply restart your server, and the resource pack will be applied to the server!

🛏️ PMMP/Nukkit 🛏️

First, let's make sure you have a pack available to download! In this case, we will download the bedrocktweaks resource pack, from here Once downloaded, you'll have a .mcpack folder. Upload this pack to your resource_packs folder. Now, restart your server, and a resource_packs.yml file will appear.

Once done, restart your server, and the resource pack will be applied!

For nukkit, the resource_packs.yml file is not required, and your pack should be applied immediately!

🤍 Vanilla Bedrock 🤍

Vanilla bedrock is a little different in terms of setting up. It can't accept resource packs in the server itself, so you'll need to load in a singleplayer world, use that resource pack, and then export that world to the server. This is a tedious process, so let's break it down step-by-step for you.

First off, we will be using the same bedrocktweaks pack. To activate this resource pack, just double click the .mcpack file and minecraft should start up automatically to load in the pack. Then, it'll say "import started", and it should have imported the pack to your local minecraft game. Create a new world and then go to the add-ons section while creating, and activate the pack you want into the world

Once the world's loaded in, you can save it and exit minecraft. Now, we will head on over to locating where your file is located. For reference, use the article . In our case, we're on windows 10, so we're gonna go to the directory where our files are stored. Note that the world folder name will vary from the one named in the directory. You can enter the folder and check the levelname.txt file to find the world you want. Since we have only one world for now,

Now, we will zip this file to make sure that it can be uploaded to the server. Upload the world to your /home/container/worlds path. Then, unarchive the zip file, and note the name.

Now, go to your file, and choose to load in the world resourcepack.

Now, simply restart your server and your resource pack will be applied!

♨️ Geyser ♨️

To add resource packs to your geyser, you can upload a bedrock texture pack to the plugin's packs folder. Once you've uploaded that, geyser should automatically handle the rest with converting your resource pack to be readable on bedrock edition. Note that the pack will only be applied for players connected on the geyser proxy, you'd need to have another pack normally. Geyser also has a tool to help you convert any resource pack from java to a readable bedrock one at . Note that it does not work on 1.17 servers

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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