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Installing Addons on Vanilla BDS

In this article, we'll be going over adding addons to your Vanilla Bedrock Server.

Dowloading the addon

We'll be using mswp.mcaddon from for this tutorial.

Download addons only from trusted sites

Importing the addon to your Minecraft
You need to import the addon first to a new world on your Minecraft Bedrock Client, and then export the world to your server.

You can use this article to export your world to your server, you can use this article to use sftp to transfer the file.

For Windows 10/11, right click the addon to import it automatically to your minecraft.

For Android/IOS, open the folder in File Manager where you downloaded the addon. Opening it should automatically redirect you to Minecraft.

Note : Addons can be found in three different formats :
.mcaddon = This means it contains both the resource pack file and behaviour pack file which could directly be imported to Minecraft
.mcpack = This could either be a resource pack file or behaviour pack which could directly be imported to Minecraft
.zip = This means the resource pack/behaviour pack folder is compressed and needs to be extracted manually to games/resourcepack or games/behaviourpack

Creating a world with the imported addons
Now, we need to create a new world and add the addons to the world
Create a new world and enable Creative Mode, Show Coordinates, Holiday Creator Features, Enable Gametest Framework, Experimental Mojang Features .

Add the resource pack and behaviour pack of the addon and create the world.

Exporting the world to your server
Almost there, Now we will export the generated the world to your server.

Follow this guide to export your world : How to Upload a Custom World to your Server
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