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How to use NBTExplorer to manage your player and world data


In this article, we'll explain how to use NBTExplorer, a tool that is capable of editing .dat files. This is helpful if you want to edit certain world properties, or even edit player properties, down to the very specific things like what they have in their inventory! Let's get started

🔎 Downloading NBTExplorer 🔎

Downloading NBTExplorer is a little troublesome, so we've made it easy to locate the download for you all. Simply download NBTExplorer from here

Once you have downloaded it, extract the archive, and then open the NBTexplorer application. You will be greeted with a list of your world saves as folders, looking something like this

📌 Using NBTExplorer 📌

Double click on the world you want to see more information about. It's like a file explorer system, and you will be able to see information about .dat files in particular.

Unfortunately you cannot add data to a .dat file, however, you can edit it.

🎮 Modifying playerdata 🎮

If for example you want to modify data, say make it so that a player can login to your server with their furnace GUI open, you can click on the playerdata folder --> recipebook. In there, you'll see isFurnaceGUIOpen . You can double click on that, and set the value as 0 or 1 , 0 being false ( i.e. they won't have it open ), 1 being true ( i.e. they will have it open ). This is just one example of many.

The following features are available in playerdata modification. Note that I haven't covered all bases here as it's very detailed, and i've covered the essentials


If for example you want to edit the flying speed, whether or not a player can build, their walking speed, etc., you can do so here. The available values are flying, flySpeed, instabuild, invulnerable, mayBuild, mayfly, walkSpeed


recipes - Used to determine what recipes the user has unlocked to craft items. You can edit, or delete values
toBeDisplayed, isBlastingFurnaceFilteringCraftable, isBlastingFurnaceGUIOpen, isFilterCraftable etc. - These are all values to determine whether or not a player was in the process of opening a GUI, furnace, blast furnace, etc.


In here, you can edit what a player's inventory consists of ( id: minecraft:compass, what position in the inventory it's in ( Slot: 1 ), and the count of the item ( Count: 1 )
A very useful picture of what each slot would be in the game is mentioned below

EnderItems follows the same as inventory in terms of it's data structure

Pos & Rotation

Edit the player's coordinates they would be in when they log on to the server. This is useful in the event that a player is stuck below the void/in bedrock etc. The first value is X coordinate, seocnd value Y coordinate, and third value Z coordinate respectively.

You can also set the direction in which the player's head is facing with the two values of horizontal and vertical mentioned. A more detailed guide on player head position can be found here.


Here are some more miscellaneous values you can edit. Some worth mentioning are:

foodLevel - Sets the hunger bar level for the player. Half a hunger bar has a value of 1. ( So a full hunger bar is a value of 20. You can also set the value higher than 20 ). Similar data - foodSaturationLevel, foodExhaustionLevel, foodTickTimer.
Health - Sets the health level for the player. Half a heart has a value fo 1. ( So a full health bar is a value of 20. You can also set the value higher than 20 ). Similar data - HurtByTimestamp, HurtTime.
XpLevel - Sets the xp level for the player. Similar data - XpP, XpSeed, XpTotal.

🌎 Modifying world data 🌎

Most useful for entity editing, and biome changes, you can modify a lot of things that reside in the world data in the following sections


If you want to modify any raids data, such as tick time, next available, etc., you can do so


It is useful to manage entities in specific chunks using this section. Under each "entries" will be a specific entity with it's own attributes. This is helpful in the event you want to get rid of hundreds of entities in the server in a chunk, lagging and crashing the server out.


POI stores information on villages, job sites and other structure data. You can edit that information over here, specific to the chunk


In the region section, you can tap on a specific .mca region file and open a specific chunk. In there, you can change it's attributes such as any light structures, fluids, entities, biomes, and so on

And that's everything basic you can do with NBTExplorer! Of course there are more advanced things within each folder, each value, but that would require you to research more into how minecraft data is stored, and then you can update/delete things as you please. Hopefully this guide gives you the insight you need

Updated on: 21/10/2022

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