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How to install mods/modpacks on your server

How to install mods/modpacks on your Java server

In this article, you'll learn how to add mods and/or modpacks to your Java server! This is available only with forge enhanced servers, so make sure you're on that! We will check out how to install a mod first, and then how to install a modpack next!

We do have a free mod and modpacks installer at the panel, given your server runs forge. Just go to those sections and search for the mods/modpacks you want and you can click install. In case you want to upload your own, continue reading!

🧩 Installing a Mod 🧩

To install a mod, first make sure you have the .jar file of the mod you want! We will be using worldedit in this case. Once you have obtained the mod that you want, simply go to the mods folder, and upload the jar

Then restart the server! Your mod should be applied and usable.

🔌 Installing a Modpack 🔌

A modpack will consist of a zip file containing seperate mods itself. So, doing this process should be fairly simple. Upload the modpack .zip file to the mods folder using sFTP or web upload. Then, right-click the file, and click "unarchive".

All the mods in the modpack must be at the mods folder itself. Once you've done this, just restart your server, and the modpack should be applied!

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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